Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Biden’s Hope to Bring Gazans to the USA: Adding Hamas Terrorists to the Ongoing Invasion of America

Biden’s Hope to Bring Gazans to the USA
Adding Hamas terrorists to the ongoing invasion of America.
During the first six months of fiscal year 2024, there have been 159 border agent encounters nationwide with illegal immigrants whose names appeared on the terrorist watch list. There were 564 such encounters during fiscal year 2023. Who knows how many suspected terrorists were released by the Biden administration or managed to evade capture altogether? Either way, they pose a clear and present national security threat, which President Biden’s open border and catch-and-release policies have exacerbated.
Instead of securing the country against this threat that already exists, President Biden is considering a dangerous plan that would let Gazans, who may well include Hamas terrorists and sympathizers, into the country through the front door as “refugees.” They would be provided with “permanent residency, resettlement benefits like housing assistance and a path to American citizenship,” according to a report by CBS News.
Egypt, which shares a border with Gaza, has not allowed Gazans seeking to escape Hamas’ conflict with Israel into its country. Egypt does not want to take the risk that Palestinian Islamists from Gaza will join other Islamist terrorists already in Sinai and threaten Egypt’s stability. Jordan and other Arab countries in the region have also refused to admit Gazans.
Yet President Biden is considering inviting Gazans into the United States and offering them a path to citizenship. Assurances that the Gazans will be carefully vetted before they are admitted are worthless, as demonstrated by the government’s deplorable record in the past.
Hamas terrorists can easily embed themselves into the “refugee” population and then commit violence against Americans. Moreover, it is insane to think that most Gazans who would enter and live in the U.S. if President Biden decides to give the go ahead are anti-Hamas. Nearly three quarters of Gazans surveyed in a poll conducted this past March by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research registered their support of Hamas’ genocidal attack in Israel on October 7th.
As outrageous as it is for President Biden to even consider such a reckless plan, it is not surprising at all. On President Biden’s watch, America has experienced the illegal entry of millions of immigrants, as well as the smuggling of records amounts of deadly fentanyl, into the United States, all facilitated by Mexican cartels. An invasion of America is already underway. But President Biden is giving serious thought to making things even worse by admitting Gazans into the U.S. without any assurance that Hamas terrorists and their supporters will not be amongst them.
Nearly two-thirds of the American people agree that “the situation along the Mexican border should be called an ‘invasion,’” according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey published on April 10, 2024. But not the left-wing progressive arbiters of politically correct language. They condemn the use of the word “invasion” as a dog whistle to the racist xenophobes to whom the MAGA Republicans supposedly cater, according to the Left’s deceitful narrative. The word that most accurately depicts the unprecedented flood of illegal immigrants and fentanyl into the United States since President Biden took office should be taboo, say the open border activists and other leftists.
An article published by the New York Times on April 26th entitled “Talk of an Immigrant ‘Invasion’ Grows in Republican Ads and Speech,” written by a self-described reporter, is an example of leftist newspeak. The author of the article wrote that using the term invasion to describe illegal immigration “echoed demagoguery in previous centuries targeting Asian, Latino and European immigrants.” She added, “Historians and analysts who study political rhetoric have long warned that the term dehumanizes those to whom it refers and could stoke violence, noting that it appeared in writings by perpetrators of deadly mass shootings in Pittsburgh, Pa.; El Paso, Texas; and Buffalo, N.Y., in recent years.”
Juliette Kayyem, a former Obama administration official who now leads the homeland-security program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, was quoted by the New York Times article as saying that “An invasion by its very definition is a hostile entrance or a hostile encroachment. You are automatically perceiving people who are fleeing their countries for a million reasons — most of them not hostile — as enemies.”
Ms. Kayyem may be thinking of military hostilities by an aggressive enemy, but that is too limiting in defining what constitutes an invasion. An invasion can also take place when vast numbers of people are organized to enter a country without the legal right to do so and cause serious harm to people and property in the destination country, whether they are declared enemies or not. That is precisely what has been happening since President Biden took office and he rescinded by executive order virtually all the border protections that former President Donald Trump had put in place. --->READ MORE HERE
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