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Biden Risks American Lives to Protect Hamas: No Americans should die to protect Hamas supporters in Gaza; Biden’s ‘Trojan Pier’ for Gaza: It’s not about delivering aid, it’s about giving the terrorists a gateway to the world

Biden Risks American Lives to Protect Hamas:
No Americans should die to protect Hamas supporters in Gaza.
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin recently admitted at a congressional hearing that American soldiers operating Biden’s disastrous “aid pier” for Gaza could come under attack from Islamic terrorists.
Biden has not sent a single soldier to recover American hostages being held by Hamas, but there are now soldiers in the line of fire in order to send aid to Gaza.
In the event American forces on the pier come under attack, they would be allowed to fight back, Austin promised. But based on the rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, all the terrorists have to do is attack from a mosque or from behind civilians, and American soldiers would be banned from fighting back.
And those are the ways that Hamas tends to attack.
Late last month, Islamic terrorists did fire mortar shells at the pier, forcing a UN team to flee for cover and damaging some of our equipment. After the attack it was announced that the Israeli military would be tasked with providing security for the pier since Biden’s efforts to recruit Muslim allies to protect it had failed.
After the mortar attack, the terror pier was moved to the Israeli port of Ashdod, allegedly because of the bad weather, but also because of the terrorist attacks. It’s still sitting in Ashdod, despite having been completed because it’s too fragile to move in stormy weather. What’s going to happen if there’s bad weather once the pier is in place? If this one breaks, we’ll probably have to build another one.
But after having wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on the terror pier, Biden is waiting on the Israelis to secure it. Even with the Israelis physically attaching the pier, so that Biden can claim that there are American “no boots on the ground”, American personnel will still be within firing range of Islamic terrorists in Gaza.
This would not be a threat if Biden would stop interfering with Israel’s war on the terrorists. But the pier is part of the Biden administration’s campaign to undermine Israel’s war effort. And that’s putting American lives at risk.
Beyond the terror pier, there are now reports that after Israel finally took control of the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza (despite years of lies about an ‘open-air concentration camp’, Egypt, an Arab Muslim country, has its own border crossing with the Islamic terror state), Biden wants America to step in.
Unwilling to have Israel control the Rafah crossing into Egypt, where the majority of Hamas’ terror forces are based, negotiations are reportedly underway to bring in a “private American security company” that “has operated in several African and Middle Eastern countries, guarding strategic sites like oil fields, airports, army bases and sensitive border crossings” which “employs veterans of elite U.S. Army units.” This is likely to be Blackwater (which has been renamed several times) or some company like it with similar capabilities. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden’s ‘Trojan Pier’ for Gaza:
It’s not about delivering aid, it’s about giving the terrorists a gateway to the world.
Six Americans are still being held hostage by Hamas, and Biden has sent no troops to help them, but at the State of the Union address, he promised to send troops to build a pier for Gaza.
The estimated over 1,000 troops will spend as long as 2 months laboring to build a floating pier in a war zone under potential attack to help transfer aid to the Hamas supporters living in Gaza.
Nothing about this plan makes sense.
The media has taken to falsely claiming that the Arab Muslims occupying parts of Gaza are starving. Vice President Kamala Harris attacked Israel, claiming that she had “seen reports of families eating leaves or animal feed.” Social media videos however show the locals gorging themselves on shawarma and other foods in preparation for the Islamic period of Ramadan.
But if the Biden administration really believed that Gazans were starving right now, what would be the purpose of spending two months building a pier to deliver aid? A program with a two month lead time will not help people who are starving right now. It would be a grim joke.
And the pier plan only gets stranger from there.
According to the administration, there will be no ‘boots on the ground’ constructing the pier and according to a Pentagon spokesman, “it will not be U.S. military personnel that are transporting the aid off of the causeway into Gaza.” So who has the trucks and capability to actually do it?
The United States will build a pier for smaller ships to transfer to a temporary causeway. According to the spokesman, the administration is “coordinating with other nations to assist with operating the causeway and distributing aid into Gaza.”
Who are those nations? They’re clearly not Israel or the United States. While the Pentagon spokesman mentions Israel as a partner nation, the Israelis are already able to deliver aid.
The Pentagon spokesman mentioned the UN and nameless “ally and partner nations”.
“Why not just use those existing ports and have Israel look at what’s going through and bring it in? It seems like this is a lot of work for 60 days out when there are people starving, frankly,” a reporter asked. --->READ MORE HERE
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