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Biden Has Made 148 Mistakes in Public Remarks So Far This Year: Report; Biden’s Biggest Gaffes: Muddling Up Wars, Forgetting Names and Dozing Off Mid-Event

Biden has made 148 mistakes in public remarks so far this year: report
President Biden has committed 148 gaffes and verbal stumbles in public comments so far this year, which White House staff have scrambled to fix in official transcripts.
Biden, 81, tripped over his tongue in at least 118 statements, speeches or comments between Jan. 1 and April 24, according to an analysis of White House records reviewed by the Daily Caller — meaning there were more glaring errors to correct than official announcements.
The belated changes have been made either to keep the president’s words in line with public policy stances or change the meaning of his statements entirely.
Last week, Biden read a cue from his teleprompter out loud during a speech at the North America’s Building Trades Unions National Legislative Conference, botching a scripted call for his re-election.
“Folks, imagine what we can do next,” he told the audience. “Four more years. Pause.”
The original White House transcript initially omitted the “pause” and put “inaudible” in its place before correcting it again.
Biden has also given the wrong names or titles for people, places or groups at least 20 times during his remarks — misidentifying the leaders of France, Egypt and Mexico.
Sometimes, staff have edited in words apparently to appease their coalition or align with Biden’s stated reasoning for decisions — including Supreme Court nominations and even his own vice president.
“And look at what these autocrats are doing to limit freedom in their countries. They’re limiting freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to assemble, women’s rights, LGB[T]Q rights, people are going to jail, so much more,” a Jan. 5 transcript shows, updating the acronym to reference transgender people.
“I kept my promise to appoint the first Black [woman] Supreme Court justice,” a Feb. 22 campaign reception transcript reads, which was corrected to reflect his choice of Ketanji Brown Jackson. (Two black men, Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas, have previously been appointed to the high court.)
On March 9, White House staff subbed in “historic” in front of Biden’s reference to Vice President Kamala Harris, the first black and south Asian female to ascend to the office.
The president’s loose grasp of numbers has been on display as well, as when he has falsely inflated spending by the executive branch or efforts to vaccinate Americans from COVID-19. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden’s biggest gaffes: Muddling up wars, forgetting names and dozing off mid-event:
Joe Biden looks all but certain to be the Democratic nominee for president again in 2024, having picked up huge support in New Hampshire even without appearing on Granite State ballot papers and storming the subsequent primaries in South Carolina and Nevada as his rather half-hearted challengers fell away.
The 81-year-old is determined to secure a second term in the White House and insists he is confident he can beat the likely Republican nominee Donald Trump once again. Mr Biden insists he is not deterred by his consistently poor polling and points to the robust success of the US economy under his stewardship, for which he deserves great credit.
However, there is no question that the 46th president’s age is a cause of particular concern to voters, who are less than enthralled by the prospect of a rematch of the 2020 presidential election between two men who have a combined 158 years between them.
Republican underdog Nikki Haley has repeatedly tried to break through by drawing attention to the advanced ages of her competitors, and the issue has provided plenty of material for America’s late-night TV hosts, with Stephen Colbert recently joking that President Biden’s South Carolina primary vote count would also serve as a fine campaign slogan: “Very close to 100.”
Mr Trump has certainly worked hard to suggest that his rival is too old, warning at one stage that President Biden’s propensity for gaffes could lead to nuclear war and referring to him as “a guy who can’t put two sentences together” in a February Newsmax interview.
Mr Trump even posted a rather cruel spoof commercial for “White House Senior Living” on social media, an outrageous attack given that he is just four years his enemy’s junior.
President Biden has fought back, however, producing his own gaffe reel of bizarre remarks Mr Trump has made at his campaign rallies, which came in the wake of the Republican falsely claiming that Ms Haley had been in charge of Capitol security on 6 January 2021, seemingly confusing her with then-House speaker Nancy Pelosi.
But there’s no denying that President Biden has made more than his fair share of mistakes and blunders over the years, a selection of which from his tenure in the White House follows. --->READ MORE HERE
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