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Americans, Even Democrats, See Mass Deportations as a Justified Means to a Necessary End; More Than Half of Americans Support Mass Deportations of Illegal Migrants: Poll

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Fifty-one percent of Americans say in a new survey that they’re in favor of mass deportations of illegals, and oddly enough, a sizable share of self-identified Democrats are among those who agree.
And with that — this: “Trump pledges that as president he would immediately launch ‘the largest domestic deportation operation in American history,’” The Washington Post — and plenty of other media — reported a couple of months ago.
Any questions?
President Biden, beware. Beware the elections. Consequences for open border actions are coming.
“Half of Americans — including 42% of Democrats — say they’d support mass deportations of undocumented immigrants. … And 30% of Democrats — as well as 46% of Republicans — now say they’d end birthright citizenship.” Axios wrote about its new Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll of 6,251 adults.
That means Donald Trump is bringing a winning message. But Biden?
“[W]hen it comes to blame [about the border], Biden so far has failed to shift the narrative [his way]: 32% of respondents say his administration is ‘most responsible’ for the crisis,” Axios wrote.
That’s ‘cause he is.
In 2020, NPR wrote this: “Biden Pledges To Dismantle Trump’s Sweeping Immigration Changes.”
Campaign promise fulfilled. Whereas Trump clamped down the border and built walls and tightened controls — controls that were stretched and erased during the previous eight years of Barack Obama — and restricted asylum seekers from abusing the system, and fought to stop the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and “Dreamers” program, and cut visas for refugees and maybe most importantly, implemented a “Remain in Mexico” policy that forced those seeking asylum to, well, remain in Mexico while their cases were being heard in immigration courts — Biden went the opposite way.
Biden went so opposite that migrants seeking to enter America started sporting pro-Biden T-shirts at the border.
“Biden, please let us in!” — their shirts blared. And boy oh boy, did Biden comply.
In February, figures showed Team Biden let in 7.2 million illegals — more than the population of 36 states — and a record for America. Even the Biden-fawning media couldn’t run a complete cover.--->READ MORE HERE (or HERE)
More than half of Americans support mass deportations of illegal migrants: poll:
More than half of Americans — including a hefty 42% of Democrats — back mass deportations of illegal immigrants as President Biden’s border crisis rages on, a new poll shows.
Fifty-one percent of those polled said they would support booting the undocumented immigrants, according to the Axios Vibes survey by the Harris Poll released Thursday.
In addition, a large number — 30% of Democrats and 46% of Republicans — signaled support for ending birthright citizenship, which is guaranteed under the Constitution’s 14th Amendment.
Asked what their greatest fear was surrounding illegal immigrants, 21% of those surveyed cited surging crime rates, drugs and violence as their main concern.
Meanwhile, 32% said the Biden administration was “most responsible” for the current border crisis that’s plaguing the country.
“I was surprised at the public support for large-scale deportations,” said Mark Penn, chairman of the Harris Poll.
“I think they’re just sending a message to politicians: ‘Get this under control,'” he said, noting that it was a warning to Biden that “efforts to shift responsibility for the issue to [former President Donald] Trump are not going to work.” --->READ MORE HERE
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