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Three Shocking Discoveries, Events That Threaten to Turn Transgender Movement On Its Head; Bombshell Trans Report Shows Ideologues Railroad Kids Into Irreversible Treatments With No Evidence

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Three shocking discoveries, events that threaten to turn transgender movement on its head:
One would assume any structured medicalization process endlessly foisted upon children would be tried, tested and true, validated, and corroborated by extensive research categorically proving its viability and usefulness.
But as we’ve seen in recent years, assumptions are too often naive, silly — or even dangerous.
A case in point: Recent studies about gender confusion unveil the unbelievably diabolical realities surrounding the dangers of rampant emotion and activism consuming real-life medicine. These studies show most children grow out of gender confusion and that the so-called treatments being offered don’t necessarily provide promised reprieves.
This is especially troubling because of the transgender-identifying children’s lives that have been forever affected by an invasive movement permeating every facet of the cultural lexicon. In some ways, it feels like this movement is losing its footing and could soon crumble.
Let’s explore just three recent discoveries and events that could turn the transgender movement on its head.
First, a four-year study commissioned by the National Health Service of England and overseen by pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass yielded stunning results that should spark a mass weeping and gnashing of teeth, finding “remarkably weak evidence” to back treating kids and young adults with gender-transition drugs and surgeries.
While many activists have claimed that so-called cross-sex hormones and even surgeries aimed at helping ease gender confusion in those suffering from gender dysphoria are definitively effective, the earth-shattering review found the actual evidence is quite feeble. Plus, the report found medicalization simply isn’t the best path forward for these struggling young people.
These are remarkable admissions when, for years now, people raising any such query about these “treatments” have been labeled transphobic and bigoted and have been canceled and otherwise dismissed.
“This is an area of remarkably weak evidence, and yet results of studies are exaggerated or misrepresented by people on all sides of the debate to support their viewpoint,” “The Cass Review” reads in part. “The reality is that we have no good evidence on the long-term outcomes of interventions to manage gender-related distress.”
At the center of much of this debate is the endlessly stated claim that hormones, puberty blockers and other interventions save lives by preventing youth suicides. Ms. Cass’ report, though, says otherwise.
In fact, the text proclaims that “the evidence found did not support this conclusion.” --->READ MORE HERE
Bombshell trans report shows ideologues railroad kids into irreversible treatments with no evidence:
The Cass Review, published this week, has sent gender extremists into a tailspin.
Britain’s taxpayer-funded National Health Service in 2020 commissioned consultant pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass to examine the care given gender-questioning children.
After a three-year investigation, her report is a bombshell.
Importantly for those watching the debate from overseas, it reveals the safeguarding risks that gender transition creates for kids: risks made worse by gender clinicians’ deliberate refusal to follow safeguarding best practice or even to collect outcome data.
And it challenges the now-widespread belief that a kid’s stated gender identity can’t be questioned, only “affirmed.”
As the report shows, the evidence base for this approach is weak.
More shocking still, Cass revealed her own efforts to build a better evidence base were “thwarted” by British adult gender services, which colluded to withhold data during the research period.
Let that sink in.
In the United Kingdom, health care is socialized.
Treatments are often not funded without years of evidence.
Even in a system that demands this level of scrutiny before funding, gender medics did their best to avoid looking at the evidence.
And they don’t want anyone else to look at it, either.
But this isn’t surprising: When someone does, it swiftly becomes clear that the emperor has no clothes.
Cass isn’t the first to show this. --->READ MORE HERE
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