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SH**HOLE NEWS: Attacks in NYC Transit Jump a Massive 50% as Subway Murders Surge: Stats; Mayor Adams’ Administration is Gaslighting NYC On Violent Subway Crime

Attacks in NYC transit jump a massive 50% as subway murders surge: stats
Crime on the subways has become significantly more violent since the pandemic with the number of felony assaults soaring when compared to pre-pandemic levels, an analysis by The Post revealed.
The number of attacks on trains that left victims injured jumped 53% from 2023’s 570 felony assaults to the 373 reported in 2019, according to stats.
Those 200 extra felony assaults meant that attacks resulting in substantial injury accounted for 25% of 2,285 major crimes reported on trains and in stations in 2023, compared to just 15% of the 2,499 major crimes in 2019, the data show.
Ridership remains down about 30% compared to the pre-pandemic years. These days approximately 4 million people ride the subways a day during the week, compared to 5.5 million in the run-up to COVID’s arrival and the city’s shutdown, according to estimates.
The surge in attacks underground that left victims injured and in need of treatment comes as the transit system sees a surge in murders.
There were three murders underground in 2019 compared to 10 in 2022 and five in 2023, according to the analysis.
There have already been three murders in the first three months of 2024, the data show.
Without the surge in assaults, overall crime in the transit system would be roughly in line with the rates seen underground before the pandemic when adjusting for ridership.
The surge in violence has left cops and criminal justice experts flummoxed, with no clear explanation of what is driving the disturbing trend. --->READ MORE HERE
        Christopher Sadowski
Mayor Adams’ administration is gaslighting NYC on violent subway crime:
After every violent subway crime, the New York Times tells us not to worry: Subway violence is “perception,” not reality.
The Adams administration has joined the gaslighting, with officials promising us last month that things were getting better; we just didn’t know it yet and had to trust them because we didn’t have the data.
Now we have the stats, and they’re bad.
How “rare” is subway crime? It’s so rare, the Times has to keep reminding us so.
In mid-March, after Gov. Hochul deployed the National Guard underground, the paper reassured us this move was silly — “dramatically violent” incidents are “rare.”
A week earlier, another Times piece, rattling off four recent attacks — stabbing, hammer, slashing, bottle — told us they’re “rare.”
In February, after the year’s third random subway murder, the Times informed us (twice): “Killings on the subway are rare.”
Earlier, after 2024’s second random subway murder, the paper told us underground violence is “especially rare” and, for good measure, “especially unusual.”
In January, after the year’s first random subway murder, we learned such subway shootings are — you guessed it — “rare.”
The Adams administration has seized on this just-an-aberration take.
In February, after the three subway murders in six weeks, NYPD transit chief Michael Kemper assured the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority things were getting better. --->READ MORE HERE
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