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Sen. Roger Marshall: Democrats Want Open Border to ‘Build Their Census’; Democrats’ Open-Border Trickery: Gaming the Census; Democrats Vote Unanimously to Include Illegal Immigrants in Census

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Sen. Roger Marshall: Democrats Want Open Border to ‘Build Their Census’
Democrats want an open border to “build their census,” Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily, detailing the fight between Republicans and Democrats on the issue of border security.
Democrats in the Senate this week rejected the Laken Riley Act, and the White House has rejected it as well, urging Republicans to instead get on board with the highly flawed Senate immigration bill.
When asked by host Mike Slater why Democrats are opposing these legitimate efforts to secure the border and export criminal illegal aliens out of the country, Marshall said Democrats are actually trying to “build their census.”
“It is absolutely to build their census, so they can have more people,” he explained. “So when they do the census, the amount of government resources that are resources that go to your district is based upon that census, and they’re gonna be voting illegally.”
“And you know, so they help to grow their electoral college as well. California and New York are hemorrhaging people — people that are leaving because they’re tired of the violence. So they’re trying to backfill that so they keep the number of congressional seats, which adds to their electoral college,” he said, concluding that it is absolutely “politically motivated.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Democrats’ open-border trickery: gaming the Census:
New York is Migrant Central — the No. 1 destination in the country for illegal border crossers — and it’s no accident.
New York’s Democratic politicians benefit from the deluge.
The more migrants come here, the more congressional seats and clout in the Electoral College New York is able to maintain.
Elon Musk spelled it out on Twitter this month: “Most people in America don’t know that the Census is based on a simple headcount of people (including illegals) *not* just citizens. This shifts political power and money to states and Congressional districts with the highest number of illegals.”
The busloads coming in from the southern border offset the moving vans exiting the city carrying New Yorkers in search of better places to live.
Migrants are actually helping protect Democratic members of Congress from losing their districts as the city’s population shrinks.
New York City lost 400,000 residents in the last three years.
They’re being gradually replaced, explains city Comptroller Brad Lander, by a wave of migrants dependent on the city for shelter, food, health care and everything else.
“I don’t actually consider it a crisis. To me this is the next wave of people becoming New Yorkers,” he says.
Lander apparently is unbothered that taxpayers are being replaced by people who consume services instead of paying for them.
But it’s not sustainable.
Too much spending is one reason New York City’s financial condition worsened over the past year, earning it an F grade in Truth in Accounting’s latest fiscal-watchdog report. --->READ MORE HERE

+++++Democrats Vote Unanimously to Include Illegal Immigrants in Census+++++

Stop Allowing Noncitizens To Determine Congressional and Presidential Representation

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