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RU's Only S-300, S-400 Ammo factory Caught Fire in Moscow; $100M RU Radar System 'Nebo-U' Destroyed; RU's Lose Up To 70% of equpt Amid Assault On Chasiv Yar; 50 C-Clashes-F.Lines; UKR Repels 7 Assaults Near Orikhiv, 5 L.Bank Kherson Region; RU Loses: 9 Tanks, 16 Art-Sys, 920 Sold, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

RBC-Ukraine (UK)
Russia's only S-300 ammunition factory caught fire in Moscow:
A fire has occurred at the Avangard factory in Moscow. The factory is part of the Joint Stock Company Concern of Air and Space Defense Almaz-Antey, the Telegram channel Astra reports.
According to preliminary data, the fire has spread over an area of 50 square meters. However, firefighters who arrived to assist were able to localize it.
The cause of the fire and whether there are any casualties is currently unknown.
What is produced at the Avangard factory
The Moscow Machine-Building Plant Avangard is part of the joint-stock company Concern for Air and Space Defense Almaz-Antey. This enterprise manufactures ammunition for the S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.
The factory's website states that it is the only one in Russia producing these missiles. According to data from 2017, the factory employed 2,500 workers.
Earlier, it was reported that a large fire occurred at the machine-building plant Uralmash in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The fire spread over an area of several thousand square meters.--->READ MORE HERE
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Critical $100M Russian Radar System 'Nebo-U' Destroyed: Kyiv
Ukrainian forces have knocked out a Russian long-range radar system outside of the country's borders, according to Ukrainian media. The attack is the latest of Ukraine's reported strikes on Moscow's assets keeping track of Ukrainian positions and movements.
Ukraine's security service targeted a "modernized" Russian Nebo-U long-range radar system in the Bryansk region, which borders northeastern Ukraine, several Ukrainian outlets reported, citing anonymous sources in Ukraine's SBU.
Kyiv's forces used seven kamikaze drones to attack the radar system, according to Ukrainian media. It is "no longer operational," an SSU source told The Kyiv Independent. The SSU is also referred to as the SBU.
The system comes with an estimated price tag of $100 million, domestic media reported. Several outlets also reported the loss of another Nebo-U radar system in Russia's Belgorod region on an unspecified date.
Newsweek has reached out to the Russian Defense Ministry for comment via email.
Ukraine has frequently publicized what it describes as successful strikes on Russian radar systems. Ukraine's military said it had targeted a Nebo radar system in September 2023, then again in November.
By eliminating the Kremlin's radar systems, Ukraine can more easily hide its own assets and movements from Russian troops. --->READ MORE HERE
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