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PA Girl Demands Accountability From School Board Who Allowed Trans Teen to Assault Students; Girl Who Warned Teachers About Trans Female Student, 13, With 'hit list' Bravely Calls Them Out as She Reveals in Horrifying Detail How Attacker Beat Her Friend with a Stanley Cup (with UPDATE)

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Pennsylvania Girl Demands Accountability from School Board Who Allowed Trans Teen to Assault Students:
A Pennsylvania middle schooler bravely spoke out against school faculty she said allowed a male student who identifies as transgender to brutally attack female students on a “hit list.”
The Pennbrook Middle School 13-year-old transgender student allegedly “blindsided” the 12-year-old on Wednesday by savagely beating her with a metal Stanley cup, causing an open wound, the Daily Mail reported.
The unidentified girl was hospitalized and had to get staples in her head after the bloody incident, police said.
At a Thursday school board meeting, Pennbrook student Emily recounted the harrowing attack on her friend at the hands of the violent teen, and called out teachers, counselors, and administrators for allowing it.
“You could’ve stopped it,” Emily said, claiming she had warned faculty about a “hit list” that included the girl who was assaulted, as well as herself.
“It was five hours from when I told you it was going to happen. I don’t get how you couldn’t have stopped that,” the brave girl said.
She went on to say there was another girl the trans student had been “targeting every day at lunch. And they would go to the counselor every day and tell them this is going to happen.”
According to Emily, she and two fellow students even filled out paperwork explaining that they knew they were being targeted and had been told to “watch their backs” at lunch.
A teacher allegedly replied to her complaints with, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not gonna’ happen.”
The transgender student even allegedly screamed, “I’m gonna murder you!” several times at her victims.--->READ MORE HERE
Girl who warned teachers about trans female student, 13, with 'hit list' bravely calls them out as she reveals in horrifying detail how attacker beat her friend with a Stanley cup while screaming 'I'm gonna murder you'
A brave Pennsylvania girl has spoken out furiously against teachers and administrators at her school after a transgender student savagely beat her friend using a Stanley cup.
The incident took place at Pennbrook Middle School Wednesday, when the 13-year-old blindsided her 12-year-old female victim in the school cafeteria using the cup, hitting her on the head and creating an open wound.
The unidentified student had to be hospitalized and get staples to close the cuts in her head before undertaking concussion protocol, according to police.
School Superintendent Todd Bauer said that the attack - which was caught on security camera - was 'deeply disturbing' in a statement at the start of Thursday's board meeting.
However, as one unidentified student bravely said, not only did she warn teachers the bullying student had 'a hit list' but she added that she was the next one to get assaulted had she not been stopped.
'You could've stopped it,' the brave young girl said. 'It was five hours from when I told you it was going to happen. I don't get how you couldn't have stopped that.'
She added there was a girl the bully was 'targeting every day at lunch. And they would go to the counselor every day and tell them this is going to happen.'
The assailant was blunt enough to scream 'I'm gonna murder you!' repeatedly at the students.
The girl spoke about how she and two fellow students filled out paperwork explaining what they knew was going to happen if nothing was done and said that she was warned 'watch your back' at lunch.
A teacher responded to her: 'Don't worry about it, it's not gonna' happen.'
She added that once the attack began, it lasted 28 minutes, despite the school board claiming it was just eight minutes.
'We had to watch [the victim] taken out with blood dripping down her face and I will never forget that! Laying in bed last night I just kept repeating it in my head.'
Parents shared their own outrage with the school's inability to protect the student and how this has been a shocking trend at the school and with parents hearing from their kids and not the adults in charge. --->READ MORE HERE
UPDATE: Pennsylvania middle school student accused of beating pre-teen student, attacked sheriff deputies at hearing

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