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Judge Tosses NYC Squatters Lawsuit Claiming Rights to $930K Queens Home After They Tried Using Shake Shack Receipt to Prove Home was Theirs; How to Fortify Your Home Defenses as Squatters Wreak Havoc Across America

Judge tosses NYC squatters lawsuit claiming rights to $930K Queens home after they tried using Shake Shack receipt to prove home was theirs:
A judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a pair of alleged squatters who sued the owners of a $930,000 Queens home after cops escorted them off the property last month.
“The case is over,” the couple’s attorney Rizpah Morrow told reporters outside Queens Civil Court Friday, shortly after Judge Vijay Kitson discontinued the case with prejudice, meaning the claim cannot be refiled.
“The landlords, the owners, own the house, they have possession. The people who said they were locked out have walked away from the situation. They are no longer requesting to be restored to possession and we still have their stuff,” she said.
The two men did not show up for their scheduled court appearance.
One of the home’s owners, Juliya Fulman, told reporters that although they prevailed in the case, the systemic issues it highlights remain, making it a hollow victory.
“Right now, there is a very big problem with these criminals and these squatters. Lawmakers need to make laws in order to protect the people, the citizens,” she told The Post outside the courtroom.
“These criminals are trying to drive people out of New York, and that is not going to happen,” she continued.
“I still don’t feel like I have the full justice in this case because there are people who broke into my house. They claimed they had property there. I would like to know how they got property there.”
The couple had spent over half a million dollars renovating the Jamaica residence as an investment property. Fulman told The Post last week that she incurred thousands of dollars in legal fees defending the ownership of her home. --->READ MORE HERE
How to fortify your home defenses as squatters wreak havoc across America:
Amid a surge in stories of squatting, whereby strangers move into the properties of American homeowners and refuse to leave, experts are urging residents to enact measures that make it appear the vacant home is occupied to avoid costly legal proceedings.
New York-based real estate professional Jim Gray told Fox News Digital that he has seen firsthand how a squatting situation can escalate from a nuisance to a recurring nightmare for well-intentioned homeowners.
In his opinion, the best offense is always a good defense.
On Day One, owners should establish clear signs of occupancy or develop security measures. This can include keeping the curtains drawn irregularly, installing a smart home security system, and avoiding tell-tale signs of occupancy, like accumulations of trash or mail.
Property owners, Gray recommended, may also want to consult local law enforcement to request periodic drive-by patrols.
“An empty home represents a blank canvas ripe for the taking, luring in unscrupulous intruders like moths to unguarded flames,” Gray said.
Raleigh Realty owner Ryan Fitzgerald told Fox News Digital the alarming trend of squatters occupying vacant properties “poses a real risk to homeowners.”
Fitzgerald said homeowners should put signs in windows, install timed interior lighting and swing by the property at least biweekly, if not more.
“The faster you notice broken locks or signs of trespassing, the quicker you can react,” he said.
Unfortunately, even the most proactive homeowners can still find themselves scrambling for solutions should a squatter breach their property. --->READ MORE HERE
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