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Flood Engulfs Kurgan with RU's Only IFV Manufacturer That Will Be UNDERWATER; Largest Mining and Processing Plant in RU Comes Under UKR Drone Attack; 53 C-Clashes; UKR Destroys 57 RU Drones/Missiles; RU Loses: 810 Sold, 5 Tanks, 48 Art-Sys in 1 day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Defense Express
Flood engulfs Kurgan with Russia's only IFV manufacturer that will be underwater: official map
Kurganmashzavod is the only Russian manufacturer of IFV-3, BMD-4 and other armored vehicles in the flood zone even in a moderate scenario
Defense Express media and consulting company writes about this.
Large-scale flooding continues in the regions of the Russian Federation bordering Kazakhstan, which was caused by emergency discharges from reservoirs. And one of the Russian cities of Kurgan is at risk of suffering the most due to the Tobol River overflow.
“Despite the fact that the "big water" has not yet reached it, evacuations have already been announced from areas that will definitely go underwater, and at higher levels, water will flood most of the city. This is evidenced by official maps from the city's local administration,” the report states.
The yellow and red shaded areas show the areas that will be submerged in any case, because it is about water levels of 7.7 meters and 9 meters. And the lines are forecasts depending on the water level from 11 meters to 14 meters, Defense Express explains.
“In this situation, the territory of Kurganmashzavod is the most interesting, because it is the only manufacturer of new infantry and airborne combat vehicles in Russia. All IFV-3 and BMD-4 are produced there. It also modernizes IFV-2s with Berezhok combat modules, and produces APC Rakushka, Sprut and other armored vehicles.” the report notes. --->READ MORE HERE
Largest mining and processing plant in Russia comes under Ukrainian drone attack:
On the night of April 11, in the Kursk region of the Russian Federation, the Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant (MMPP) was reportedly targeted by drones. Local social media users have posted eyewitness videos of the incident and the regional governor, Roman Starovoyt, has reported on the event on his Telegram channel.
Residents of Fatezhsky district and the city of Zheleznogorsk have posted online suggesting that the plant was attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles. Governor Starovoyt claims that supposedly three UAVs were downed, but he only mentioned the attack on the processing plant in terms of damage to employees' cars in the personal transport parking area near the facility.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has specified that on the night of April 11, it allegedly destroyed 12 Ukrainian drones over six regions of Russia.
The Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant is one of the largest enterprises for the extraction and enrichment of iron ore in the post-Soviet space.
Since April 2023, the plant, as well as the Metalloinvest holding company, have been included in sanction lists, along with Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who is associated with these companies. The sanctions were imposed in response to their role in financing Russia's aggression against Ukraine.
In early March 2024, a fire occurred at the MMPP, for which Russian authorities blamed Ukraine. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukrainian drone attacked Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant in Kursk, Russia
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