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Congress’s Moment of Truth on UKR Aid; RU Air Force's Pilot Training Hub Hit; UKR Struck RU Aviation Factory in Voronezh Region; UKR Hackers Destroyed IT System of the Moscow Collector; 66 C-Clashes, 60 RU Attacks Repelled -7 Sectors; RU Loses: 23 Tanks, 30 Art-Sys, 850 Troops in 1Day, All 20 RU Drones Downed Overnight, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

WSJ: Congress’s Moment of Truth on Ukraine Aid
Congress’s Moment of Truth on Ukraine Aid
This may be the year when Russia makes significant territorial gains in its war against Ukraine. If this happens, the U.S. bears much of the blame. Congress’s infighting over extending aid to Kyiv has left Ukraine desperately short of basic supplies, especially artillery shells. Russian troops have used their massive artillery advantage to soften Ukraine’s defensive positions and then launch waves of ground troops against them. Pressure is intensifying along the more than 600-mile eastern front, and a Russian breakthrough is possible this summer.
Ukraine needs several months to build more defensive fortifications, but it won’t be able to hold the line that long without immediate replenishment of ammunition. Rep. Mike Turner (R., Ohio), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CBS News that “we are at a critical juncture on the ground that is beginning . . . to impact not only the morale of the Ukrainians that are fighting but also their ability to fight.”
With the House reconvening this week, Speaker Mike Johnson should put forward a proposal to authorize Ukraine aid. No doubt this package will contain provisions that congressional Democrats and the Biden administration won’t like: The aid could take the form of a loan; it may exclude nonmilitary aid to the Ukrainian government; it may even reverse the president’s freeze on liquefied natural gas export permits.
Whatever the merits of these provisions, Democrats shouldn’t stand in the way. Conversely, if Freedom Caucus members opposed to helping Ukraine try to depose Mr. Johnson, Democrats should give the speaker the support he needs to retain his office. Ukraine can’t afford another Republican leadership struggle paralyzing the House.
While U.S. procrastination has contributed to Ukraine’s losses, it isn’t the only factor. Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz has hesitated to give Ukraine some advanced weapons it needs and has opposed financial arrangements that would rebuild Europe’s defense-industrial base. Mr. Scholz’s Social Democratic Party, which has historically favored close ties to Russia, seems ambivalent about Vladimir Putin even after his unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation. French President Emmanuel Macron, meantime, appears more focused on his neo-Gaullist goal of achieving European “strategic autonomy,” or self-sufficiency, than on goals European nations can agree on to help Ukraine. Mr. Macron’s unpopular position that Western powers shouldn’t rule out sending troops into Ukraine further divides Europe. --->READ MORE HERE (or HERE)
Russian Air Force's Pilot Training Hub Hit by Drones in Explosive Video:
The Russian Aviation Training Center for pilot training in Borisoglebsk, in the Voronezh region, reportedly came under attack by UAVs on Monday night.
Multiple videos, including night-vision CCTV footage, appeared to show a massive explosion hit the area where the Aviation Training Center is located.
The footage, published by Russian Telegram news channels The Insider and Astra, emerged as the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement saying that two enemy drones were destroyed by air defenses in the Voronezh region.
The latest drone strikes by Ukraine, which in recent months ravaged Russian industrial facilities, refineries and airfields, will deal a further blow to Russia's under-fire military.
Russia's air force has lost more than 650 aircraft since the start of the invasion, including planes, jets and helicopters, according to Kyiv. The attacks on airfields and training hubs could also exacerbate Russia's reported pilot shortages.
Ukrainian news agencies, citing sources in GUR, the Main Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, suggested that Kyiv was behind the attack.
"This is a special operation of the GUR," one source told Interfax Ukraine.
"At night, the HUR drones attacked the Borisoglebsk Aviation Training Center in the Voronezh region," a source told another agency, UkrInform, noting that according to preliminary data, a production shop was hit. --->READ MORE HERE
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