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COMING ATTRACTIONS? German Police Arrest Teenagers ‘planning Islamic State-style terror attack on churches’; 4 Islamist Teens Just Arrested Over Terrorism, Youngest Is 15 Years Old

Credit: Thilo Schmuelgen/Reuters
German police arrest teenagers ‘planning Islamic State-style terror attack on churches’:
Suspects alleged to be targeting Christians and discussed using knives, Molotov cocktails and guns in the assault plans
German police have detained two teenage boys and two teenage girls on suspicion of planning an Islamic State-style knife and firebomb attack on churches.
Three of the four suspects, all teenagers aged 15 to 16, were arrested in North Rhine-Westphalia and are “strongly suspected of planning an Islamist-motivated terror attack and having committed to carrying it out” according to prosecutors in Dusseldorf.
The fourth suspect, aged 16, was arrested in Stuttgart on “suspicion that he was preparing a serious crime endangering the state”, prosecutors there said.
Bild, the German tabloid, said the group had been planning to attack Christians in churches as well as police officers, adding that they were supporters of Islamic State.
They are alleged to have discussed an attack that would have involved knives, Molotov cocktails and potentially guns. The assault was in an early stage of planning, according to German media reports, which suggested the potential targets were in Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Cologne.
It was not immediately clear whether the alleged plot had any links with Isis-K, an offshoot of IS that was behind the terrorist attack on a concert hall in Moscow in March. --->READ MORE HERE
Developing: 4 Islamist Teens Just Arrested Over Terrorism, Youngest Is 15 Years Old:
Four teenagers have been arrested in Germany after police allege they were planning a terrorist attack in the name of the Islamic state.
Three suspects — a 15-year-old girl, a 16-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy — were arrested in North Rhine-Westphalia state in the western part of Germany, according to ABC.
Warrants for the three teens were issued over Easter weekend.
A 16-year-old boy was also arrested in Baden-Wuerttemberg in the southwestern part of the country, the German news agency dpa reported.
Officials allege that the three teens arrested in western Germany indicated they were ready to carry out an “Islamist-motivated terror attack.”
Plans for an attack were under way, but officials did not release any indication of how far along planning had progressed.
The agency dpa said no concrete attack plan had been developed.
The teens face possible charges of declaring themselves ready to commit murder and manslaughter and preparing a serious act of violence.
Bild, a German tabloid, said the group’s proposed targets included police officers and Christians inside churches, according to the Telegraph. --->READ MORE HERE

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