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Attempted Islamist Infiltration of the Republican Party: Emgage Operative Shows Up to Local GOP Meeting, Praises Anti-Semite

Attempted Islamist Infiltration of the Republican Party:
Emgage operative shows up to local GOP meeting, praises anti-Semite.
In February, I attended a local Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) meeting. I had been rushing over from another event, so I came in towards the tail end. Being a candidate for US Congress, I was given the opportunity to say a few words in front of the group. In the midst of my speech, I observed someone in the small crowd who seemed familiar to me. Following the meeting, after speaking with a couple of people, I headed outside. I soon was approached by the gentleman I had noticed. He said my name. I immediately knew who it was – Corey Shearer.
Corey Shearer is the Florida Outreach Lead for Emgage, an Islamist group that disguises its extremist agenda as political advocacy. The group’s former South Florida Director Syed Ammar Ahmed, once joked that he “should have threatened to blow up” a school he had participated in a debate at. The group’s founder and former Chairman Khurrum Wahid is a South Florida lawyer who represents high-profile convicted terrorists and, reportedly, was placed on a federal terrorist watch list, himself, in 2011.
Emgage has infiltrated the Democratic Party in a very big way, but so far, the group has had little to no interaction with Republicans. Seeing Shearer at the RLC meeting is a major concern.
I asked Shearer what he was doing there. He told me that he had come with a couple of “black Republicans” and was hoping to bring people together. I asked him if he was a Republican. He answered me nervously, “No, but I have been thinking about it.” It was a lie.
Prior to coming to Emgage, Shearer was a local leader in the Democratic Party. He has happily posed for photos with Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Charlie Crist. He repeatedly refers to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as “Governor DeathSantis,” and just this past October, he labeled both President Donald Trump and Governor DeSantis “jerks,” “racists” and “xenophobes.” He retweets Nancy Pelosi, and in November, he wrote, “I come from a PROUD Democratic family.”
During our brief conversation, Shearer told me that he was upset about the cancellation of a conference that was to take place in January, organized by the South Florida Muslim Federation, a radical Muslim umbrella organization, of which Emgage is a member. I had led the effort to shut down the conference, as, following the October 7 brutal massacre perpetrated by Hamas on 1200 Israeli civilians, a number of the event’s advertised speakers championed Hamas.
Shearer repeatedly brought up one of the conference’s featured speakers/moderators, Naima Khan-Ghany, to me, praising her as “a good person.” This past July, she was thrown off both of the committees she had served on within the Broward County School Board. In May, I had provided the School Board member who had appointed Khan-Ghany to her positions, Jeff Holness, proof that she had been using her social media to spread the most vicious of antisemitism, including a video calling Jews “Satanic.”
Shearer, himself, has promoted the group Islamic Relief, an entity that has been banned in several countries. Israel has labeled Islamic Relief a front for Hamas. --->READ MORE HERE
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