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Alleged Tennessee Shoplifter Sues Walgreens After Being Shot 7 Times by Employee in Parking Lot; Lawsuit Filed After Pregnant Woman Shot by Walgreens Employee in Self Defense in Nashville

Alleged Tennessee shoplifter sues Walgreens after being shot 7 times by employee in parking lot:
A Tennessee woman is suing Walgreens after an employee of the retail giant suspected her of shoplifting and shot her seven times in the store parking lot, leaving her in critical condition.
Last April, the East Nashville Walgreens employee, Mitarius Boyd, suspected a seven-months pregnant Travonsha Ferguson or her friend “was attempting to shoplift Walgreens merchandise from the store,” according to court paperwork filed Wednesday and obtained by FOX Business.
According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Boyd had been notified by another employee that two women were stealing items from the store located at 2500 Gallatin Avenue.
Boyd said he saw the women placing items into a store cart and into a large over-the-shoulder bag and began recording the women with his cell phone. He proceeded to follow them as they left the store without paying, according to police.
Boyd told police that he made his way over to the women as they put the items in their trunk.
Ferguson claimed in the lawsuit that Boyd “never identified himself as an employee, and aggressively confronted” them about the alleged merchandise “while cursing and screaming.”
Ferguson claimed in the suit that she sprayed Boyd with mace “in fear of imminent bodily harm to baby Ferguson and herself,” the court documents stated.
Boyd then shot Ferguson “up to seven times, which resulted in serious bodily harm” to her and her baby, the documents stated. --->READ MORE HERE
Lawsuit Filed After Pregnant Woman Shot by Walgreens Employee in Self Defense in Nashville
A tragic confrontation at a Nashville Walgreens has led to a lawsuit after a pregnant woman was shot multiple times in the store’s parking lot, resulting in severe health complications for both her and her child.
On April 12, 2023, 25-year-old Travonsha L. Ferguson was shot seven times by an armed Walgreens employee at 2500 Gallatin Road.
The employee, suspecting Ferguson of theft, did not identify himself before aggressively confronting her and her friend. In response to what she perceived as a threat, Ferguson used mace on the employee.
The shooting necessitated an emergency cesarean section, delivering Ferguson’s son prematurely. The boy now suffers from a heart defect, while Ferguson faces the ongoing need for a colostomy bag. Despite these outcomes, the employee claimed self-defense, asserting he feared for his life without knowing if Ferguson or her companion were armed. He was terminated from his job but has not faced criminal charges.
Attorney L. Chris Stewart, representing Ferguson, challenges the self-defense claim, noting the improbability of the employee accurately firing seven shots if he were incapacitated by mace. This incident has sparked an investigation by the Homicide Unit into the self-defense assertion by Mitarius Boyd, the 21-year-old Walgreens team leader involved in the shooting. READ MORE HERE
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