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All RU Movements Toward Chasiv Yar Getting destroyed; RU is Unsuccessfully Trying to Drive UKR Out of Dnipro's L-Bank; Crimean Bridge Closed After Explosions Heard in Simferopol and Dzankoy; UKR Destroys RU Ammo Depot + More with Drones; 115 C-Clashes; UKR Repels 88 Attacks; RU Loses: 1250 Sold, 22 Tanks -1Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Photo via 25th Brigade via General Staff of the Armed Forces of UKR.
All Russian movements toward Chasiv Yar getting destroyed, Ukraine drone unit commander says:
Russian troops aim to capture Donetsk Oblast’s Chasiv Yar by May 9, deploying all available units, while Ukrainian forces destroy Russian attempts, denying territorial gains, as per a Ukrainian drone unit officer fighting in the area.
Russian forces are intensifying efforts to capture Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Oblast before 9 May, Russia’s WWII Victory Day, deploying all available units to the assault. A Ukrainian drone unit commander says currently everything Russia sends to capture the city is destroyed by the Ukrainian forces.
The ISW think tank assessed on 26 April that Russian forces pose a credible threat to seizing Chasiv Yar, although it may not happen swiftly. The strategically located city, situated 10 kilometers from Bakhmut, stands on commanding heights beneficial for defensive operations. According to the Ukrainian military, Russian forces on the eastern outskirts of Chasiv Yar have been intensifying their efforts to capture the city since March 2024.
Oles Maliarevych, deputy commander of the “Achilles” drone strike battalion within the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade, shared on Hromadske Radio that they are actively engaging any Russian movement toward the city. Maliarevych emphasized the collaboration of multiple brigades, including the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade, in this critical defensive operation.
Maliarevich says the Russians “were tasked with capturing the city by 9 May, and we were tasked with preventing them from doing so,” and the Russian forces didn’t make any territorial gains, according to him.
“They are stopped in the area of Bohdanivka, in the area of Ivanivske. To the south, Klishchiivka and Andriivka, they also tried to seize the territory. Several positions were lost there, but the day before yesterday, the 92nd Brigade regained the positions,” Maliarevych said on 28 April. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian army is unsuccessfully trying to drive Ukrainian marines out of Dnipro's left bank:
Over the past day, the invading Russian forces made 5 attempts to storm Dnipro's left bank in the Kherson region
Dmytro Pletenchuk, Head of the Strategic Communications Center of the Southern Defence Forces, said this on Espreso TV.
“The invading Russian forces unsuccessfully tried 5 times to drive our marines from their footholds on the left bank of the Dnipro River. Enemy aircraft, including Su-25, Mi-8 and Mi-24, are constantly firing at these positions, throwing missiles at the area. Nevertheless, the guys are holding on, despite the fact that it is very difficult. The main problem is not even the fact that they need to hold their positions there, but the fact that logistics are complicated by the presence of the river on the logistics route. We are talking about rotation, ammunition, and evacuation. That is why we are doing everything we can to ensure their work on Dnipro's left bank in the Kherson region. Everyone understands how important this bridgehead is," he said.
Russian forces are using the left bank to randomly shell settlements on the right bank, including the city of Kherson, where they are hitting with artillery. However, this is not happening with impunity for them. The Russian forces are suffering significant losses in equipment and personnel, said Pletenchuk.
"Over the past two days, the invaders have been losing 15 or more pieces of artillery. We observe the activity of drones in the sector, more than 300 of them, mostly Lancets and FPV drones. We are repelling these attacks and working on them. Russians are also losing personnel. Yesterday, they suffered more than 150 casualties, half of them are dead. On that day, it all started with the same fighting. In the morning, they also lost more than 15 people. The Russians are losing samples of equipment and weapons, but remain in their positions," he added. --->READ MORE HERE
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