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‘We’re Just Waiting for Another 9/11’: Migrants Buy Fake Green Cards, Social Security ID from NYC Gangs; Migrants Impersonate U.S. Citizens in Illegal Attempt to Enter Country

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‘We’re Just Waiting for Another 9/11’: Migrants Buy Fake Green Cards, Social Security ID from NYC Gangs
Black market fake green cards and social security identification are being openly hawked to illegal migrants on the streets of New York City, a report revealed.
Criminals linked to MS-13 and other gangs have been spotted selling the fabricated documents this week in Queens, the New York Post reported.
At least ten men were selling the bogus cards for $80 to $250 while “camped out in broad daylight at four corners along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens,” according to the outlet.
Roy Fenoff, an associate professor at the Department of Criminal Justice at the Citadel, South Carolina, said the documents grant migrants access to almost everything a citizen has.
“Once people have these fake cards, they can work, they can travel, they can access a lot of aspects and services in the United States,” he said. “There are people getting these cards that are not here just to get a job, that they have other intentions, and this helps them carry out criminal activity.”
While the social security cards are fake, the numbers can belong to real U.S. citizens.
“If I’m using a social security number that’s of another person, and then I’m committing crimes, and I’m using [their] name, you potentially have warrants out there for innocent people’s arrest, because you don’t really know who this person was,” Fenoff said.
Bruce Foucart, a former special agent in charge of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) investigations in New England, also said the fake identification cards could be utilized by someone with dark intentions.
With fake IDs, illegal migrants could “load up a truck with bombs … and bring it underneath the Holland Tunnel and create something major and disastrous,” Foucart warned.
“For someone that wants to do terrorist activity or is a national security threat, it’s easy to establish this second life within the US,” he said.
“I guarantee right now, we’re just waiting for another 9/11.”
A police source told the Post that the Roosevelt Avenue hawkers are affiliated with the 18th Street gang as well as MS-13.
“It’s big business,” the source said. --->READ MORE HERE
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Migrants Impersonate U.S. Citizens in Illegal Attempt to Enter Country:
Customs and Border Protection officers at the Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry in Laredo, Texas, arrested several migrants attempting to assume the identity of United States citizens. The migrant imposters arrested earlier this month were found to be in possession of valid birth certificates that did not belong to them. In two other incidents in recent days, officers at the Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry thwarted similar attempts by migrants to use identity documents, either fake or valid, in failed attempts to enter the United States.
The first encounter occurred on Friday as CBP officers inspected bus passengers arriving at the Laredo bridge. A 35-year-old female provided officers with three United States birth certificates for three minor children and an adult female. The officers referred the migrant and the children to a secondary examination area for further investigation.
The officers determined the U.S. birth certificates were authentic, but during the investigation and interview of the migrants, officers determined the migrants were imposters. The woman, a seven-year-old girl, and two boys, ages 11 and five months, were found to be Mexican citizens with no lawful basis to enter the United States.
On the same day, CBP officers at the Laredo bridge inspected passengers arriving at the port in a 2020 Dodge Ram pick-up truck. The officers were presented with a U.S. Employment Authorization Card issued to a female. A 48-year-old male and 48-year-old female were occupants of the vehicle at the time of inspection. Officers verified the authenticity of the Employment Authorization Card but determined the female occupant was an imposter.
Officers determined the female occupant of the vehicle was a Mexican national with no legal basis to enter the United States. The pair were arrested for violations of immigration laws, and the vehicle they were traveling in was seized. --->READ MORE HERE
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