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RU Stuff Blowing Up: More Turret Toss Entries; UKR’s Naval Forces Claim Possible Hit on Ivan Khurs Ship; UKR Launches 5+ Storm Shadow/Scalp Missiles at RU Black Sea Fleet Facilities; 45 Combat Clashes; RU Loses: 640 Sold, 11 Tanks, 22 Art-Sys -24hrs, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Russian stuff blowing up: More turret toss entries:
The hang time on that turret is awesome.
The flying turret game: can you count how many seconds it was in the air? 
A russian T-80 tank lost its 'head' after being hit by an FPV drone. 
📹: 100th @TDF_UA Brigade pic.twitter.com/PptNbe2ge6 
— Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) March 25, 2024
Speaking of turret tosses.
I meant to post this the other day because it is fun, but I was too busy. So I post it now. https://t.co/6aLImxh9kf pic.twitter.com/Vx06rMKZMG 
— Andrew Perpetua (@AndrewPerpetua) March 24, 2024
A third ship would be lagniappe.
A spokesman for Ukraine's Naval Forces Dmytro Pletenchuk said that the Russian landing ship Ivan Khurs might have been hit in addition to the landing ships Yamal and Azov during a recent attack on Sevastopol. The informations is being verified, he said https://t.co/LeAc54r8AK 
— Euromaidan Press (@EuromaidanPress) March 25, 2024
Another refinery in Russia gets the drone treatment.
The Novocherkasskaya Power Plant, the largest thermal power plant and the 2nd most powerful power plant in the Rostov Oblast, reportedly came under drone attack overnight into 25 March. 
Two power units at the plant are disabledhttps://t.co/zS4SncVIEc 
— Euromaidan Press (@EuromaidanPress) March 25, 2024
A Russian soldier hides in a blown-out building only to be found by a kamikaze drone.
WARNING: Video shows soldiers getting killed.
А этот орк, давно и страстно мечтал о киевской квартире, и неожиданно для самого себя получает ключи вне очереди. pic.twitter.com/iOBqf9FDnk 
— Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇲🇩🇷🇴🇪🇺🇺🇲 (@Rusofob_Moldova) March 25, 2024
Ukraine’s Naval Forces claim possible hit on Ivan Khurs ship:
A spokesman for Ukraine’s Naval Forces, Dmytro Pletenchuk, said on 23 March that another ship named Ivan Khurs might have been hit, in addition to the two previously hit ships Yamal and Azov.
Ukraine’s Armed Forces hit large Russian landing ships Yamal and Azov, a communications center, and several infrastructure facilities of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Sevastopol in the late hours of 23 March. The damage to the landing ship Yamal reportedly was critical.
Pletenchuk told Radio Svoboda that Ivan Khrus “most likely was also damaged.”
“As soon as we gather this information from various sources, we will be able to verify it,” he added.
The ship Ivan Khurs is not a combat unit but part of the auxiliary fleet of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. In May 2023, Magura V5 drones attacked the Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs. Although at that time, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the attack was repelled, Ukraine’s Military Intelligence reported that they had indeed inflicted damage on this ship.
The Russian side did not comment on this information. However, the Russia-appointed head of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, stated that the evening attack on Sevastopol was “the most massive in recent times.”
Since August 2022, explosions have been heard almost daily in Crimea. Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Chief Kyrylo Budanov said earlier that Ukrainian forces can reach any Russian military bases in occupied Crimea. --->READ MORE HERE
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