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RU Awakes to Biggest Attack on RU Soil Since WW2; UKR's New Wave of Strikes; The RU Refineries Targeted by UKR; UKR's SUB Behind Massive Attacks on RU Refineries; UKR Rpts: 70 Combat Clashes-FLine; RU Loses: 980 Troops,20 Arm-Veh, 32 Art-Sys -Past Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE
Russia awakes to biggest attack on Russian soil since World War II:
The biggest attack on Russian soil since the Second World War continues as waves of attack drones continue to fall on Russian oil refineries, military bases, and security services for a second straight day.
At least 60 drones were spotted over not less than seven Russian regions overnight on March 13, with at least seven more in a morning wave, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced.
A major oil refinery is ablaze in Ryazan, military bases were targeted in Voronezh, and an FSB building was damaged in Belgorod as multiple waves of drones continue to fall in regions across Russia.
A missile threat was also reported by the Governor of Kursk Oblast.
The waves of drones are a continuation of attacks on March 12 that saw Russia deal with at least 25 drones over nine regions that struck at least two oil facilities.
Russia claims to have “intercepted and destroyed” 58 of 60 attack drones in an overnight wave targeting the following regions:
Belgorod Oblast - 11 drones
Bryansk Oblast - 8 drones
Voronezh Oblast - 29 drones
Kursk Oblast - 8 drones
Leningrad Oblast - 1 drone
Ryazan Oblast - 1 drone
The report does not mention Lipetsk Oblast, where a UAV was also reported flying at night.
At least seven “Ukrainian UAVs” (unmanned aerial vehicles) were part of a morning wave, including 6 targeting Voronezh Oblast and another over Belgorod Oblast, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed. --->READ MORE HERE
Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy/Reuters
Ukraine launches new wave of strikes against Russia’s oil facilities:
Ukraine and Russia traded attacks on each other’s territory Wednesday, including a second day of drone attacks against Russian oil facilities, which President Vladimir Putin called an attempt to disrupt presidential elections set for this weekend.
One of the Ukrainian drones struck an oil refinery in the Ryazan region, about 100 miles southeast of Moscow, causing a fire that was extinguished after a few hours, local governor Pavel Malkov said. A Ukrainian official with knowledge of intelligence operations, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, confirmed that the refinery was the target.
“We are systematically implementing a meticulously calculated strategy to reduce the economic potential of the Russian Federation,” the official said. “Our task is to deprive the enemy of resources and diminish the flow of oil money and fuel that Russia directly channels into war and the killing of our citizens.”
Russia’s Defense Ministry, however, maintained that it had shot down all 65 of the drones launched at six Russian regions overnight.
It was the second attack on Russian territory in two days, after Ukrainian forces launched drones Tuesday against nine Russian cities and towns — some far inside the country — including the oil facilities at Nizhny Novgorod, which caught fire.
The two days of attacks represent Kyiv’s most wide-ranging assault on Russian infrastructure since the war started, sending a message of Ukrainian resilience ahead of Russia’s elections, which are taking place from Friday to Sunday.
They also indicate Kyiv’s increased emphasis on striking deep into Russia proper, as Ukrainian forces struggle with shortages of shells and soldiers on the front line and Russian forces are escalating their offensive. --->READ MORE HERE
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