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OUT TO LUNCH ALERT: John Kerry Mocked as ‘climate clown’ for Suggesting World Would ‘feel better’ About Ukraine War if Russia Cut Emissions; John Kerry: If Russia Wants to Be Loved, It Should Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

John Kerry mocked as ‘climate clown’ for suggesting world would ‘feel better’ about Ukraine war if Russia cut emissions:
President Biden’s outgoing climate czar, John Kerry, one of the most powerful and esteemed figures in Washington, made jaws drop this week when he suggested that the world might “feel better” about the ongoing bloodshed caused by Russia in Ukraine if Moscow cut its emissions.
“Russia is one of the largest emitters in the world. If Russia wanted to show good faith, they could go out and announce what their reductions are going to be and make a greater effort to reduce emissions,” Kerry, 80, said during a foreign press briefing in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, his penultimate day on the job before leaving to assist Biden’s re-election campaign and teach at Yale University’s Jackson School of Global Affairs.
“Maybe that would open up the door for people to feel better about what Russia is choosing to do at this point in time.”
Biden created the Cabinet-level position of climate envoy for Kerry — a former secretary of state under Barack Obama and the 2004 Democratic nominee for president — in 2021, but critics heaped scorn on the ex-Massachusetts senator for traveling to meetings with foreign leaders and international climate junkets by private jet.
Less than a year into the job, the Gulfstream GIV-SP plane owned by Kerry’s wife reportedly took 48 trips and dispersed more than 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air, compared with the 4.6 metric tons emitted by typical passenger planes.
Kerry has sidestepped criticism of taking meetings with authoritarian leaders on climate-related issues, refusing in a congressional hearing last July to even call Chinese President Xi Jinping a “dictator.”
Global carbon dioxide emissions increased by 1% last year, driven largely by pollution from India and China. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili
John Kerry: If Russia Wants to Be Loved, It Should Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
John Kerry is leaving his position as the Administration's "Climate Envoy," whatever that is, and is shuffling off the stage and onto a private jet.
On his way out the door, Kerry got to do more than his usual level of bloviating. And as with all Kerry bloviating, he spoke as a moralistic halfwit whose Deep Thoughts are as shallow as a puddle after a brief spring rain. He explained how the coming Green Revolution will eclipse the Industrial Revolution, and how a glorious new future would emerge out of his efforts.
He also explained how Vladimir Putin could get back on his good side.
Biden "climate envoy" John Kerry says Russia must "make a greater effort to reduce emissions."

"Maybe that would open up the door for people to feel better about what Russia is choosing to do at this point in time!"

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 6, 2024
Putin, you see, is an evil man. We know that not just because he is currently engaged in an unprovoked war in Ukraine, but more importantly because his country emits a lot of carbon dioxide.
If Putin wants the West to forgive him, he needs to sit down with the likes of John Kerry and kick in some bucks--a lot of them will be needed--to enrich the climate scammers that Kerry is going to be making deals with in his sunset years.
As he explained, his next steps in life--he is 80 but vigorous in a way that Biden is not--Kerry is not shuffling off the stage at all; he is starting a new career as a dealmaker who will help lead the investors who will be sucking up the trillions of tax dollars a year that will be wasted on remaking the economy. --->READ MORE HERE
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