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NYPD Officer Injuries Skyrocket as Migrants Pour into City; WATCH: Migrants Attack Police in New York City Shelter

Barry Williams/New York Daily News/Tribune News Service via Getty Images
NYPD Officer Injuries Skyrocket as Migrants Pour into City:
The number of New York City police officers getting injured by perps has skyrocketed in recent years, with the 2023 numbers totaling a whopping 5,363 cops hurt on the job.
In the final quarter of the year alone, 1,286 officers were injured in struggles with suspects, according to NYPD data obtained by the New York Post.
The annual statistics ranked the following precincts as the most dangerous for cops to work in:
  • The Bronx’s 40th Precinct – 135 cops injured
  • Brooklyn’s 75th Precinct – 129
  • The Bronx’s 46th Precinct (128), 44th Precinct (126), and 47th Precinct (117)
According to one law enforcement insider: “No real surprises here – all very busy commands where perps are emboldened to fight.”
The number of NYPD officers hurt by suspects increased by 20 percent in 2022, with 4,724 uniformed officers suffering injuries. This figure was up from 3,933 in 2021.
The total amount of anti-cop attacks resulting in injuries in 2023 was 13 percent higher than in the year before.
Crime experts told the Post that the emboldened perps are a result of protests, illegal migrants, anti-cop rhetoric, and soft-on-crime policies like bail reform. --->READ MORE HERE
Fatih Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
WATCH: Migrants Attack Police in New York City Shelter:
A video taken inside a New York City migrant shelter shows five New York Police Department (NYPD) officers trying to detain a struggling suspect as migrants pelt them with objects and seek to interfere with the arrest.
The incident occurred on February 15 as officers tried to detain a suspect at the Randall’s Island migrant shelter.
Hostile shelter residents surrounded the five officers and began to throw bottles, backpacks, and other items at them. Some pushed forward at the officers, attempting to interfere with the arrest.
The officers were also treated to epithets hurled at them in Spanish.
Migrants Attack NYPD Cops Making Arrest at NYC Randalls Island Migrant Shelter. Full video on YouTube.

— LLN NYC (@loudlabsnyc) February 20, 2024
Shelter security reportedly called in the NYPD when a man was “acting in a disorderly fashion,” according to the New York Daily News.
The suspect seen in the video, wearing a white shirt and being detained by the police, was reportedly not a shelter resident.
Shelter security operatives eventually surrounded the police officers to give them cover to exit the building with their suspect in tow. --->READ MORE HERE
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