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Migrants Handed Spacious Apartments for Free as New Yorkers Left Paying Thousands for Tiny Rooms; Look at This Beautiful Apartment Rent Free for a Year; NYC Spending $53M on Migrant Prepaid Debit Cards with 1 in 4 Kids Living in Poverty

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Migrants Handed Spacious Apartments for Free as New Yorkers Left Paying Thousands for Tiny Rooms
Illegal border crossers in New York City continue to be afforded thousands of dollars monthly in free rent for apartments and hotel rooms as Big Apple citizens are forced to pay thousands a month for tiny apartments.
The New York Times, for instance, published a lengthy article on Feb. 25 celebrating the “resettlement” of 170 migrant families who have been moved from city-paid hotel rooms to suburban Central Islip and other areas where they are being given upwards to $2,500 a month in free rent.
One illegal from Venezuela, who moved from a Manhattan hotel — where she and her children had one room, a microwave, a mini-fridge, and a table and chair — into a spacious, two-bedroom apartment in the near eastern suburb, gushed about the program.
“To come from where we have come from, and to be here,” she marveled to the paper. “For some people this may be a small apartment, but for me this is huge.”
Martha Maffei, executive director of SEPA Mujer, one of the NGO groups working with the government to spread migrants across the region, told the Times that they are working to build relationships with landlords. But added, “it’s difficult because of how expensive it is.”
Many landlords worry that they will be stuck with indigent illegals once the government subsidies end. --->READ MORE HERE
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NYC spending $53M on migrant prepaid debit cards with 1 in 4 kids living in poverty:
Nearly 2 million residents were unable to afford basic necessities like housing and food in 2022, including 420,000 kids
As New York City Mayor Eric Adams sets to dish out $53 million in pre-paid credit cards to illegal migrants, a startling new study has revealed that more of the city’s residents are becoming poorer, with one in four children now living in poverty.
Nearly two million, or 23% percent, of the city’s residents were unable to afford basic necessities like housing and food in 2022, according to a new study by Columbia University and Robin Hood, a large philanthropic organization.
That was a jump of nearly 500,000 residents compared to 2021 with the child poverty rate also increasing from 15% to 25%, according to the study. That means around 420,000 New York City kids were living in poverty in 2022.
The report calculated the national poverty rate at 12%, with the New York City poverty rate nearly double that figure.
"Pandemic-era policies stabilized life for many, but as benefits expired, hardship and poverty became more widespread," the report states. "These policy shifts, coupled with soaring rent prices, historically elevated levels of inflation, and the rising costs of basic needs made it nearly impossible to make ends meet, much less withstand the financial shocks brought on in this economic climate."
Asian, Black and Latino New Yorkers were found to be much more likely to live in poverty than White New Yorkers. About 24% of Asians in the city are living in poverty, compared to 23% of Blacks, 26% of Latinos and 13% of whites.
The startling figures have come to light as the city continues to pour billions of taxpayer dollars into catering to the influx of illegal migrants who have arrived in need of food, housing, clothing and health care. --->READ MORE HERE
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