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How Russia’s Alleged Nuclear Space Weapon Threatens to Radically Upend Modern Life; How Russia Would Use Space Nukes to Cripple the US — and the World; Putin’s Plans for Space Nukes Should Wake Up the Left and Right

How Russia’s alleged nuclear space weapon threatens to radically upend modern life:
Very little is known about Russia’s alleged satellite-killing and nuclear ambitions in space which sent some members of Congress into full-blown panic mode this week.
While Moscow isn’t thought to have a deployed capability yet, the US believes the Kremlin is dabbling with weaponry that experts say could fundamentally cripple the military and the American way of life.
“We’re talking trillions of dollars worth of economic damage in the worst case,” Dr. Rebecca Grant, president of IRIS Independent Research, which studies defense and aerospace, told The Post.
“Our economy is completely dependent on space for the navigation and precision timing signals that guide everything from your iPhone when you drive to your banking transaction,” she explained.
White House national security spokesperson John Kirby confirmed Thursday that the uproar on Capitol Hill this week was indeed over an “anti-satellite capability that Russia is developing.”
But Kirby was tight-lipped about some key details of the weapon such as whether it was nuclear and underscored that it’s not a device that can be “used to attack human beings or cause physical destruction here on Earth.”
Still, the potential ramifications are considerable.
“Space and its capabilities enable our daily lives,” Kari Bingen, director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told The Post.
“Everything from navigation and position information —whether in our cars or our cell phones using GPS— weather forecasting, even TV broadcasts, … the agricultural sector leverages GPS, shipping and transportation,” she added.
“It is integral to our daily lives, and much of that could be put at risk.” --->READ MORE HERE
How Russia would use space nukes to cripple the US — and the world:
What does the future of warfare look like? America got a glimpse way back on July 9, 1962, when t he United States fired a Douglas Thor missile well beyond the Kármán Line that marks the beginning of outer space.
Known as Starfish Prime, the 110,000-pound intercontinental ballistic missile carried a 1.4 megaton W-49 thermonuclear warhead that was detonated high over the Pacific Ocean.
That one bomb not only damaged Hawaiian electrical systems and equipment hundreds of miles away, it damaged or knocked out more than one-third of the world’s 24 orbiting satellites.
Today, six decades later, there are more than 5,500 known satellites orbiting the Earth. 3,500+ are American, 541+ Chinese and 172+ Russian.
And unlike then, these satellites are key to our modern society, carrying Internet signals, communications and global positioning systems.
Knocking out these satellites with a nuclear explosion would ground drones, cut off troops — even blind an entire nation to a first-strike attack.
That’s why Moscow’s likely plan to deploy space-based weapons is so terrifying.
It’s the Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century — a strategic move that changes the world.
Russia’s path to blinding America in space would come about in multiple if not interconnecting ways.
One would be the brute detonation of nuclear warheads in outer space using its vast array of ICBMs, including the Sarmat, Putin’s new super-heavy ICBM that can carry 10 or more nuclear warheads.
Another would be deployment of anti-satellite weapons, which, like nuclear weapons, would violate the 1967 Outer Space Treaty that Washington and Moscow signed.
Russian ASATs would take on a number of delivery forms, including aerial- and ground-based missiles and space-based lasers.
Regardless of which, the goal would remain the same: to turn off the eyes and ears of America.
The results could be devastating. Not only could battlefields in Ukraine begin to play out in Moscow’s favor, so too could any future movement of Russian troops in Eastern and Central Europe against NATO member states — particularly in the strategically significant Suwalki Gap that separates Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave from Belarus. --->READ MORE HERE
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