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Explosions Hit RU Military Sites in UKR as Crimea Pipeline Destroyed; Map Shows UKR Strikes Reaching Deeper Inside RU; Taganrog Attacked by a Swarm of Drones; UKR Repelled Attacks in 6 Dir, 74 Combat Clashes Past Day. RU Loses: 880 Sold, 25 Art-Sys, 11 Tanks -1Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

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Explosions hit Russian military sites in Ukraine as Crimea pipeline destroyed:
The Zaporizhzhia regional military administration head, Ivan Fedorov, shared details of these incidents on Thursday via his Telegram channel.
"Last night, an explosion was heard in Tokmak in the area that the occupiers have converted into their military base," the post read.
Meanwhile, in temporarily occupied Melitopol - according to Fedorov - an ammunition warehouse exploded. Additionally, a vehicle transporting missiles was destroyed.
From Saturday night to Sunday, Reuters, citing information from the Russian Ministry of Defence, reported an attack on the occupied Crimean Peninsula by 38 drones.
Russian and Ukrainian social media were abuzz with reports from residents of Theodosia who described powerful explosions in the area of the port and oil depots. The Russian authorities pointed fingers at Ukraine for the attack.
"A pipeline owned by Russian occupiers, positioned along the southeast coast of Crimea, was destroyed," the Crimean Tatar resistance movement Atesh reported on Telegram. --->READ MORE HERE
Vitalii Nosach/Global Images Ukraine/Getty Images
Map Shows Ukraine Strikes Reaching Deeper Inside Russia:
A map published by an online Russian publication shows that Ukraine's drone strikes are reaching deeper inside Russia.
Analysis by Verstka, an independent Russian news outlet that was founded shortly after the Ukraine war began, shows that the latest drone attacks on Russian soil have widened the area of the country in Ukraine's firing range to 1.045 million square kilometers.
Russia has been hit with waves of drone strikes since President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine in 2022, with some attacks reaching Moscow. Many strikes have targeted ammunition depots and warehouses. Ukraine rarely claims responsibility for attacks on Russian soil, but the Kremlin has accused Kyiv of trying to carry out terrorist attacks using drones.
Verstka cited a Thursday drone strike on a metallurgical factory belonging to steelmaker Severstal in the city of Cherepovets, which is in Russia's Vologda region.
"In the Vologda region at the Severstal enterprise this morning there was an incident in the area of the blast furnace which was struck by a drone of unidentified affiliation. The main thing is there are no casualties," said Georgy Filimonov, the acting governor of Vologda, in a statement.
"In addition, the operation of the furnace was not disrupted and the enterprise is functioning in normal mode," he said.
Earlier on Thursday, Filimonov had described the attack as a "technological incident," without elaborating.
Verstka reported that the attack was one of the "most distant targets" from Ukraine's front lines that have been attacked on Russian soil since the war began.--->READ MORE HERE
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