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Expert on Squatters Warns Nation: We're in for a 'Nightmare' Once Illegal Immigrants Discover Housing Law Loopholes; When Illegal Aliens Catch Wind of the Squatting Laws in Blue Cities, It’s Going to Get Ugly

Expert on Squatters Warns Nation: We're in for a 'Nightmare' Once Illegal Immigrants Discover Housing Law Loopholes:
America’s housing law loopholes are just big enough for illegal immigrants to crawl through, according to one expert who warns that tenants’ rights laws make it hard to dislodge squatters.
“We have masses coming in. They’re going to be looking for places to live. And if we don’t have the housing for them, if they’re coming in with no money, they can’t rent the traditional way,” Flash Shelton, founder of the United Handyman Association and, said, according to Fox News.
Shelton used innovative tactics to dislodge squatters from his mother’s house in 2019, and has emerged as an advocate to help others facing the difficult chore of ridding a property of people who choose to remain.
The map of tenants’ rights laws is varied, because it is a local or state issue. Many states require a civil suit process to evict someone, which is burdensome and time-consuming.
Once illegal immigrants get wind of the rights they have as squatters, “our squatter situation is going to go beyond control,” Shelton said.
Shelton noted that squatters are already emboldened by local laws, adding, “What are we going to do later when we have a million people squatting in this country?”
Shelton said the housing picture will grow worse “when, not only do we have a border issue that we can’t even figure out, but now we have people that are being mentally, financially, physically messed with because they’ve lost their home to all of these people?” --->READ MORE HERE
When Illegal Aliens Catch Wind of the Squatting Laws in Blue Cities, It’s Going to Get Ugly:
Every now and then, I hear ideas or come across stories that I don’t want to put in writing. These usually surround information that I do not want out there because I don’t want to give anybody ideas. The article below is one of those cases; I didn’t want illegal aliens to figure out how they can further exploit one of the most ludicrous types of laws on the books in many major cities and leftist states.
With Fox News covering it and other outlets picking it up, it’s time to warn Americans about a huge potential problem: Illegal aliens hopping on the squatter bandwagon. Squatting has become such a problem in many Democrat-run (and some RINO-run) cities and states that homeowners are rushing to sell any rental properties that sit vacant. In areas with loose squatter laws, the asset of owning rental homes has become a major liability when squatters take “ownership” and live in these homes rent-free for weeks or even months. Sometimes, it can extend for years and cost the actual homeowner tens of thousands of dollars just to get their property back.
The illegal alien invasion will likely make the problem far worse, according to Flash Shelton in this article generated from corporate media reports…
Handyman-Turned-Squatter Hunter Outlines ‘Nightmare Scenario’ When Migrants Catch on to Housing Laws
A handyman-turned-squatter hunter, Flash Shelton, is concerned that lenient tenants’ rights laws in various states could lead to a squatting crisis as more migrants enter the U.S. Squatters’ rights and tenants’ protections vary across the country, with some states allowing non-paying individuals to occupy a property for extended periods. This can make it difficult for homeowners to reclaim their properties through legal means.
Shelton warns that the influx of migrants crossing the southern border could exacerbate the squatting problem. He advocates for reforming laws to deter squatting and questions the long-term consequences of allowing the practice to continue.
Since 2021, nearly 7.3 million migrants have entered the U.S. illegally, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Many of these migrants have been transported to major cities, with New York City spending billions on housing and support. Mayor Eric Adams has expressed concern that the issue could “destroy” the city. --->READ MORE HERE
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