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Disgraced Ex-NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Ordered to Appear Before House Panel Over Controversial Handling of COVID in Nursing Homes; House GOP Subpoenas Andrew Cuomo Over COVID Deaths in New York Nursing Homes, and other C-Virus related stories

Disgraced ex-NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered to appear before House panel over controversial handling of COVID in nursing homes:
Disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been ordered to appear before a Congressional panel over his administration’s controversial handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York nursing homes.
Cuomo was issued a subpoena Tuesday by the Republican-led House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. His deposition is scheduled for May, and will likely take place behind closed doors.
“After misleading the public and filtering the truth from the American people regarding how many COVID-19 deaths occurred in nursing homes, Andrew Cuomo has been dodging our committee, delaying our investigation and refusing to take accountability,” New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island), one of the panel’s members, said in a statement to The Post.
“His misguided policies led to the deaths of more than 15,000 New Yorkers,” Malliotakis charged. “His testimony is crucial to helping us prevent a tragedy like this from occurring ever again.”
The three-term Democrat resigned in 2021 while facing an onslaught of scandals, including the alleged cover-up of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.
The ex-gov denies that his administration’s March 2020 policy requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19-positive patients led to additional deaths.
Reports from the New York Bar Association and Empire Center for Public Policy have concluded that Cuomo’s order lead to hundreds of additional deaths. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File
House GOP subpoenas Andrew Cuomo over COVID deaths in New York nursing homes:
The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic issued a subpoena Tuesday to former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over his handling of nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In March 2020, Cuomo issued an order requiring New York nursing homes to amid or re-admit residents who tested positive for COVID. The order has since been blamed for thousands of COVID-related deaths in nursing homes.
A report later released by New York Attorney General Letitia James suggested state officials failed to include nursing home-related deaths in its official COVID death count, resulting in a potential undercount of as much as 50%.
The House committee is now demanding Cuomo appear for a closed-door deposition on May 24 regarding his alleged failure to cooperate with the state investigation.
“This order recklessly exposed New York’s most vulnerable population to COVID-19 with deadly consequences,” the committee wrote Tuesday. “During the Cuomo Administration, it was reported that more than 15,000 individuals died in New York nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Evidence also suggests that former Governor Cuomo engaged in a coverup to hide the true New York nursing home mortality rate from the public and shift political blame away from his administration.” --->READ MORE HERE
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