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Conservatives Win Triple-Header in One of America’s Bluest States; Washington State’s Conservative Rollback; Progressivism Shunned by Voters in Blue Cities, States

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Conservatives Win Triple-Header in One of America’s Bluest States:
It has been 40 years since a Republican presidential candidate won Washington state. Today, Democrats enjoy a “trifecta” there, controlling the governorship and both chambers of the Washington State Legislature.
But despite Democrats’ firm grip on state government, conservatives just scored their own “trifecta” victory in the deep-blue stronghold.
The conservative grassroots organization Let’s Go Washington collected 2.6 million signatures across the state on six ballot initiatives, which amounts to over 420,000 signatures per measure.
In early March, under pressure to act on the Republican-backed ballot initiatives, the Washington State Legislature enacted three of the six measures after holding hearings.
The three measures, which become law within the next 90 days, will:
  • Remove restrictions on reasonable police pursuits. 
  • Give parents the right to examine their children’s classroom curriculum, books, and other materials, and grant parents the right to see their children’s school records. 
  • Bar the state, counties, cities, or other jurisdictions from implementing a general income tax
“By having a coordinated, strategic agenda of six initiatives … we were able to put [Democrats] on defense, and they needed to react to what we were trying to accomplish,” Dann Mead Smith, finance director and steering committee member for Let’s Go Washington, told The Daily Signal.
“And now, half of what we wanted to accomplish has been passed into law,” said Mead Smith, adding, “and we’re hopefully poised for a complete victory to get all six passed by voters in November.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Washington State’s Conservative Rollback:
Democrats and Republicans join hands against income taxes and other progressive mistakes.
Washington state lawmakers pulled off a hat trick Monday, approving three initiatives that push back the progressive policy tide in the state. The new laws will ban a state income tax, make it easier for police to chase suspects, and enshrine a bill of rights for parents whose children attend public school.
That’s good news for residents who have experienced the harmful side effects of progressive policies. In 2021 lawmakers restricted police officers’ ability to pursue suspects in vehicles on grounds that car theft is merely a property crime. Motor vehicle theft in the state increased 73% between 2019 and 2022, according to Washington state House Republicans.
The Washington state constitution forbids a graduated income tax, but last year Democrats in the Legislature approved a tax on capital-gains income, claiming it’s an excise tax. The state Supreme Court upheld the tax, 7-2, and this week’s initiative is an attempt to placate angry voters.
The initiatives are half of a slate of six that were initiated by citizens who gathered signatures and had the measures certified by the secretary of state in January. Under Washington state rules, when a voter initiative is approved by the Legislature, it is enacted without requiring approval from the Governor. The remaining three, including efforts to repeal the capital-gains tax and end cap-and-trade climate regulation, will go before voters in November. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Progressivism Shunned by Voters in Blue Cities, States+++++

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