Friday, March 15, 2024

Catholic Group Targets Swing States to Blast Biden On Border Policies That Exploit the ‘poor and vulnerable’; Pew Research Study Indicates ‘Majority of Americans’ Concerned by Border Crisis

Catholic group targets swing states to blast Biden on border policies that exploit the ‘poor and vulnerable’:
The largest US lay Catholic advocacy organization is going up with TV ads in three 2024 swing states, flaming President Biden — America’s second-ever Roman Catholic president — over his failure to secure the southern border.
CatholicVote’s six-figure ad buy will target observant voters in Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin — all states where Biden narrowly defeated Donald Trump in 2020 — and aims to show the suffering taking place due to Biden’s inaction on illegal immigration.
The ad, shared exclusively with The Post, highlights the suffering migrants undergo during their trek through Mexico, including threats from “rapists, drug smugglers, human traffickers and criminals.”
“They raped us so many times … they didn’t see us as human beings anymore,” the ad quotes one testimony.
“This violent and often deadly exploitation of the vulnerable has reached crisis levels, yet our nation’s second Catholic president has refused to lift a finger to address it,” said CatholicVote President Brian Burch.
“The Biden administration is the enemy of social justice, helping facilitate the greatest exploitation of the poor and vulnerable in our nation’s history,” he added. “The dangerous and tragic cruelty unfolding daily at our southern border cries out for justice. Every day rapists, drug smugglers, human traffickers and criminals of every stripe move freely and prey upon desperate migrants and innocent Americans.” --->READ MORE HERE
Pew Research Study Indicates ‘Majority of Americans’ Concerned by Border Crisis:
CV NEWS FEED // Pew Research Center recently published an analysis of its survey results from a study on the response among various faith groups in America to the “situation at the southern border.”
In its March 4 article titled, “US Christians More Likely Than ‘Nones’ to Say Situation at the Border is a Crisis,” Pew Research highlighted a surprising statistic that “most US adults are unhappy with how things are going at the border,” with opinions regarding the “severity of the problem” differing by religion.
The results of the survey indicate that the vast majority of Americans across religious and non-religious groups categorized the southern border issue as a “crisis,” or “major problem.”
Among white evangelical Christians, 70% described the situation as a “crisis,” while just 64% of white Catholics said the same.
A smaller percentage of black protestants (32%) identified the situation as a “crisis,” while 39% called it a “major problem.” Similarly, 57% of white nonevangelicals described the issue as a “crisis,” while 24% said it was a “major problem.
Overall, the vast majority of Christian denominations expressed heightened dissatisfaction with the border situation. --->READ MORE HERE
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