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Border Patrol Releases Hundreds of Migrants at a Bus Stop After San Diego Runs Out of Aid Money; Illegal Immigrants Released Onto Streets Of San Diego, Given Court Dates At Cities They’ve Never Heard Of Before

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Border Patrol releases hundreds of migrants at a bus stop after San Diego runs out of aid money:
Hundreds of migrants were dropped off Friday at a San Diego bus stop instead of at a reception center that had been serving as a staging area because it ran out of local funding sooner than expected, showing how even the largest city on the country’s southern border is struggling to cope with the unprecedented influx of people.
Migrants who previously had a safe place to charge phones, use the bathroom, eat a meal and arrange to head elsewhere in the U.S. were now left on the street as migrant aid groups scrambled to help out as best they could with makeshift arrangements.
Border Patrol buses carrying migrants from Senegal, China, Ecuador, Guatemala and many other countries arrived outside a transit center. Migrant aid groups said they would be bused from there to a parking lot where they could charge their phones and get a ride to the airport. The vast majority planned to spend only a few hours in San Diego before taking a flight or having someone pick them up.
“Are we in San Diego?” asked Gabriel Guzman, 30, a painter from the Dominican Republic who was released after crossing the border in remote mountains on Thursday. He was told to appear in June in an immigration court in Boston, where he hopes to earn money to send home to his three children.
Abd Boudeah, of Mauritania, flew to Tijuana, Mexico, through Nicaragua and followed other migrants to an opening in the border wall, where he surrendered to agents Thursday after walking about eight hours. The former molecular engineering student said he fled persecution for being gay and planned to settle in Chicago with a cousin who had been in the U.S. for 20 years.
“I’ve dreamed about this (moment) a lot, and thank God I’m here,” Boudeah, 23, said in flawless English.
Volunteers gave instructions in English, Spanish and French to small groups, all of them single men and women. They used translation apps for other languages.
“We’re going to cross the street together and line up,” a volunteer said into his phone, which then translated it into Hindi for a group of men from India. --->READ MORE HERE
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Illegal Immigrants Released Onto Streets Of San Diego, Given Court Dates At Cities They’ve Never Heard Of Before:
Border Patrol released hundreds of illegal migrants into the streets of San Diego, and some were given court dates on the other side of the country in places they had never heard of before.
The released illegal migrants hailed from all over the world, including Senegal, China, Ecuador, Rwanda, the Dominican Republic, Mauritania, India, and Kazakhstan. They were released because Customs and Border Protection had no places to detain them until they could have their cases heard in immigration court. Local nonprofits, which have been given millions from the San Diego government to shelter the illegal migrants, did not have the infrastructure to handle the influx.
On Friday, The Associated Press spoke with several who appeared to be unfamiliar with where they were or where they were told to show up in court.
One 31-year-old man from Kazakhstan told the outlet that he was told to show up in immigration court in Philadelphia in August 2025, but that he didn’t know where that was because he had never heard of it. Philadelphia is about 2,700 miles away from San Diego.
A Mauritanian man told the outlet that he took a flight from Africa to Nicaragua before flying to Mexico and crossing into the United States. Another man from the Dominican Republic asked, “Are we in San Diego?” and was told to head to Boston in June for an immigration court hearing in June. Boston is nearly 3,000 miles away from San Diego.
Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted video on Friday showing Chinese nationals being released in San Diego. --->READ MORE HERE
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