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Bombs Pummel RU, as UKRs Forced to Vote for Putin at Gunpoint; UKR Attacks 3 RU Refineries in Samara Oblast; Oil Refinery in Krasnodar Krai Hit by Drones; UKR Repels 34 Attacks in 4 Sectors; RU Loses: 1160 Sold, 21 Tanks, 14 UAV's, 2 Ammo Depots, 11 Arm-Veh, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

NY POST: Bombs pummel Russia, as Ukrainians forced to vote for Putin at gunpoint:
Ukrainian bombs fell in western Russia on Saturday as citizens, for a second straight day, cast their votes in the ongoing presidential election expected to anoint President Vladimir Putin with a third 6-year term.
Saturday’s missile attacks killed a man and a woman in the village of Belgorod; the man was said to be driving when his car was hit.
Putin maintains strong support there, despite the relentless fighting that continues at the border, The Washington Post reported.
A nearby oil refinery was also left in flames following a separate drone attack as Ukraine continues its assault on Russia’s infrastructure.
The regional governor announced later Saturday all shopping malls will be closed Sunday and Monday and all schools and colleges will remain shuttered through Tuesday amid the cross-border attacks, CNN reported. The governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, initially closed schools on Tuesday and had hoped to reopen them by Monday.
“The situation is quite difficult both in the city and in Belgorod district. Naturally, the issue of safety is the most important for all of us,” Gladkov wrote in a post on Telegram. “It is clear that teachers, nannies and technical staff are all worried.”
Putin has accused Ukrainians of attempting to disrupt the three-day election, and Russia elections officials contend there have been at least 28 incidents of attempted ballot box destruction, including several incidences where protestors poured liquid into them.
Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova also claimed that there were 160,000 cyberattacks on remote electronic voting infrastructure, Russia’s Interfax news agency said.
Putin, 71, is almost guaranteed reelection, as he faces off against three token challengers who have abstained entirely from criticizing either Putin or his decision to invade Ukraine three years ago. --->READ MORE HERE
Credit: Russian Telegram channels 
Media: Ukraine’s security service attacks 3 Russian refineries in Samara Oblast overnight:
The plants reportedly process about 25 million tons of oil per year, which is nearly 10% of Russia’s entire oil refining capacity.
Ukrainian Security Service strike drones hit three oil refineries belonging to Rosneft in Russia’s Samara Oblast on 16 March, Ukrainian Pravda reported, citing an anonymous source.
In the past three months, Ukraine has intensified its drone attacks against the Russian oil industry. Over the past week, Ukraine has targeted several Russian oil facilities with drone attacks, aiming to hit the core of Russia’s economy over two years into Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
The nighttime attack targeted the Novokuibyshevsk, Kuibyshevsky and Syzran oil refining enterprises, according to the Ukrainska Pravda,
The sources reported that these plants process about 25 million tons of oil annually, which is nearly 10% of Russia’s oil refining capacity.
“Each strike reduces the flow of petrodollars that fuels Russia’s war economy,” the source reported.
On the morning of 16 March, Russian Telegram channels showed videos of the enterprises on fire in Russia’s Samara Oblast, located 1,235 km from Ukraine. --->READ MORE HERE
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