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‘Blood Money’: The Secret Chinese Military ‘Disintegration Warfare’ Manifesto to Rip America Apart Using Drugs, Social Chaos, and More

‘Blood Money’: The Secret Chinese Military ‘Disintegration Warfare’ Manifesto to Rip America Apart Using Drugs, Social Chaos, and More:
Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans, a new book by Breitbart News Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer, reveals how the Chinese government is using drugs, social chaos, and other means to tear apart the social fabric of the United States and wage war against America without firing a shot, as part of a “Disintegration Warfare” strategy outlined in an obscure manifesto.
The book exposes this strategy, which the Chinese military outlined in a 2010 book entitled Disintegration Warfare. The strategy is based on ancient Chinese strategist and general Sun Tzu’s Art of War, a guide on how to subdue an enemy without fighting. Schweizer writes:
In keeping with this approach, China’s official military strategy focuses on—in the Chinese leaders’ words—going after the United States’ “‘soft underbelly’ in terms of politics, economics, and the spirit and psychology of [its] people.” Chinese leaders have coined new terms such as “unrestricted warfare” and “disintegration warfare” to describe Sun Tzu’s old strategy of winning without fighting.
Schweizer, who is also president of the Government Accountability Institute, notes the lethal consequences the strategy has already taken in the U.S. in the form of hundreds of thousands of American deaths in the past five years alone — a greater amount than casualties from any war in the past 50 years and “mounting daily.”
the First Opium War.
“It is a complex strategy, a hydra of drugs, disease, propaganda, and illicit pistol parts, each contributing to social chaos and killing Americans,” he writes.
Schweizer reveals that in the 1990s, two senior Chinese military officers analyzed the power of the U.S. military extensively and concluded that it was futile for Beijing to try to match it, so they instead recommended deploying a “series of nonmilitary weapons” that would “reimagine the tools of warfare and redefine the battlefield” with “out of the box” strategies.
One of those strategies, Schweizer writes, was using illegal drugs as “drug warfare.”
Drug warfare had “special resonance” among Chinese leaders, due to the nineteenth-century Opium Wars inflicted on Imperial China by British merchants, he writes. Communist Chinese officials today believe the opium trade was an attack on its economy, which went from the largest in the world to being “on its last legs,” as Schweizer details.
“Even today, military officials express outrage about the way Great Britain’s Opium Wars reduced China to a minor power,” he writes. “From the perspective of President Xi and the Communist Party, what better means of rising to power and avenging the Opium Wars than by turning the tables against the Western world that it blames?” --->LOTS MORE HERE
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