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‘Blood Money’: The Biden Family Bagged $5M from Business Partner of ‘White Wolf’ Chinese Criminal Gang Leader Who Helped Create the Fentanyl Pipeline Decimating America; How China is flooding America with Fentanyl on Purpose to Undermine Our Society

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‘Blood Money’: The Biden Family Bagged $5M from Business Partner of ‘White Wolf’ Chinese Criminal Gang Leader Who Helped Create the Fentanyl Pipeline Decimating America:
The Biden family bagged $5 million from the business partner of the “White Wolf,” a Chinese criminal gang leader who helped create the fentanyl pipeline now decimating the United States, Peter Schweizer detailed in his new book, Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans.
While Joe Biden was vice president, the Bidens developed a business partnership with a Chinese tycoon named Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy Co., which had strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Throughout Ye’s relationship with the Bidens, he “showered” some members of the Biden family with money, Schweizer reported. Hunter Biden received a three-carat diamond worth $80,000; and in July 2017, Ye’s company gave the Bidens a $5 million, interest-free, forgivable loan.
Schweizer previously detailed the $5 million in his book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, as reported by Kristina Wong:
Furthermore, by July 2017, CEFC began making interest-free, forgivable loans to the Biden family. CEFC executive Zhao Running wrote that $5 million was intended as money lent to “the BD family,” not just Hunter Biden.

“This $5 million loan to the BD [Biden] family is interest free,” Zhao wrote.

Schweizer notes that “interest-free loans provide tremendous leverage because the lender can demand its money back if it is displeased by any action.”
Hunter spoke to Ye on a “regular basis” and Ye helped Hunter “on a number of his personal issues” including unspecified “sensitive things,” Hunter explained in emails. Joe Biden also attended a meeting with Hunter, additional business partners, and Ye, Hunter’s business partner Rob Walker told U.S. House of Representative investigators in 2023. “I don’t remember the exact time, but I remember being in Washington, DC, and the former vice president stopped by. We were having lunch,” Walker testified. --->READ MORE HERE
How China is flooding America with fentanyl on purpose to undermine our society:
China already is waging war with the US, but not with guns — with poison. In his new book, “Blood Money,” Peter Schweizer explains how Communist China mass produces and distributes fentanyl, a chemical 30 to 50 times as powerful as heroin, to poison Americans. As this excerpt shows, the Chinese government actively uses fentanyl as a weapon to destabilize our society.
While we debate domestic politics to address the fentanyl crisis, the reality is that Beijing is deeply involved at every stage of the drug’s production and distribution in the United States.
It’s little wonder that in 2019, some senior officials at the US Department of Homeland Security asked for fentanyl to be classified as a “weapon of mass destruction.”
How did the most dangerous drug ever created become a household word, and scourge, in America?
Not by accident, but by deliberate design. Beijing’s hand can be found in every stage of the poison’s spread in North America.
Based on leaked US national security documents, Mexican government hacked emails or correspondence, and Chinese corporate records, we know that the fentanyl operation is under Chinese control from start to finish, including:
• Production of the basic chemicals needed to make it
Most of the pharmaceutical ingredients needed to produce the synthetic cocktail known as fentanyl are produced in China.
In the northern city of Shijiazhuang, west of Beijing, chemical companies churn out such ingredients. A highly militarized city boasting some 11 military facilities including several command schools, military hospitals, and medical facilities, it is also a government-designated national development zone. So the companies producing the fentanyl chemicals get tax credits.
Some 40% of the production of this chemical comes from this city alone. Wuhan, now synonymous with COVID-19, is another big production center of fentanyl components. --->READ MORE HERE
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