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Biden’s DOJ Targeted Trump From Day 1: Inside the Biden Administration’s Secret Investigation of its Top Enemy; Lawsuits Targeting Trump are Not About Justice

Biden’s DOJ Targeted Trump From Day 1
Inside the Biden administration’s secret investigation of its top enemy.
Attorney General Merrick Garland is in trouble. Not just with Republicans, but with Biden.
While Republicans are unhappy that AG Garland had been going after Trump and other conservatives, Biden and other Democrats are unhappy at his ineffectiveness.
A Politico report from last month cited White House insiders claiming that if Biden wins, Garland won’t get a second term because he didn’t do enough to insulate the Biden family from investigations and that he didn’t move the Trump investigation along fast enough.
Biden’s people wanted a Trump trial before the election and Garland failed to give them one.
In response to the attacks, AG Garland and his allies have begun releasing information about their Trump efforts in a bid to save their jobs. While that isn’t likely to work, it does show that the “independent investigation” was a myth and that getting Trump had been the DOJ’s top job.
A New York Times report reveals that AG Garland “gathered his closest aides to discuss a topic too sensitive to broach in bigger groups” after “being sworn in as attorney general in March 2021”.
The topic was Trump.
Garland urged a J6 investigation that would “follow the connective tissue upward” and “follow the money” even if the “evidence leads to Trump”. Indeed it would appear that the unusually aggressive nature of the J6 investigation and the pressure on defendants to strike deals had less to do with the events or the defendants, but was part of a failed plan to get Trump.
The Biden DOJ had followed a “dead end”, believing that by going after the J6 defendants it could “follow the money” to Trump and his people, and indict the former president that way, but the entire campaign of investigations and arrests showed no actual financial links. The lack of results likely spurred more aggressive actions by the FBI and the DOJ who were under pressure from AG Garland and the Biden administration to produce results. Only to come up with nothing.
While plenty of J6ers were arrested, indicted and convicted, none of this gave the DOJ Trump. --->READ MORE HERE
Column: Lawsuits targeting Trump are not about justice:
We’re now well past the point that any cogent U.S. voter could believe that the barrage of legal actions against former president and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump is actually about justice. The blitz targeting Trump includes six separate civil and criminal cases, charges of 86 felonies, potential for hundreds of years of prison sentences and crippling financial penalties.
Trump’s alleged offenses vary widely and happened years (and in one case, decades) ago. The legal actions have all been timed to hit the airwaves and TV screens during the heart of the 2024 presidential election season, with the obvious intent to derail his prospects for return to the White House.
No doubt some consider that to be a noble objective — except for the sticky detail that it’s the job of the electorate to make that call, not political incumbents trying to stay in power. Remind me, please — which party is being accused of threatening American democracy?
Is it working? So far, the civil suits are exceeding the expectations of the Trump destroyers.
Columnist E. Jean Carroll convinced a Manhattan jury that Trump sexually assaulted her decades ago — she couldn’t remember the date or even the year, but she was sure it happened in the Bergdorf-Goodman dressing room. She won $5 million in damages. When Trump squawked publicly, she sued for defamation of character, for which a different Manhattan jury awarded her an additional $83 million.
A month later, New York State Attorney General Letitia James — who’d run for that office on the promise that she would “get Trump,” hit the real jackpot. Her civil suit accused Trump of fraud in overstating his wealth in loan applications; the ultra-receptive liberal judge hearing the case (no jury required) issued summary judgment confirming that the fraud happened — effectively finding Trump guilty of fraud without defrauding anyone — and decided on a staggering penalty of nearly half a billion dollars and imposing major constraints on the operation of the Trump family business.
It gets uglier. As of this writing, Trump is finding it impossible to post the bond required for appeal (where does one go to borrow $464 million?), and now Ms. James is threatening to seize his assets.
Meanwhile, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg dredged up an eight-year-old allegation that Trump’s acknowledged hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels was improperly treated as a business expense rather than a 2016 campaign contribution — a charge that was examined and dropped years ago by federal prosecutors in New York. For what would normally be a misdemeanor bookkeeping offense, the indictment won by Bragg ratchets up to 34 felonies. --->READ MORE HERE
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