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Biden Pushing to Erase Voter ID Requirements; The Case for Voter ID is Unassailable, Unless You’re Hiding Something; Top Red State Official Demands Answers on Biden Executive Order 'attempting to register' ILLEGALS to Vote

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Biden pushing to erase voter ID requirements:
Recent comments from Biden administration officials have stirred a debate about the role of federal agencies in supporting citizen participation in elections and the validity of voter ID laws.
Concerns have been raised by House Republicans over a lack of transparency regarding the implementation of an executive order by President Biden aimed at encouraging federal agencies to assist in voter registration efforts. This is in addition to statements made by Attorney General Merrick Garland questioning the effectiveness of voter ID laws.
Rep. Claudia Tenney, New York Republican and co-chairwoman of the Election Integrity Caucus, disputes claims that voter ID laws disenfranchise voters. “The statistics don’t bear that out. It’s like 85% of people across all demographics support voter ID,” she said, according to The Daily Signal.
Ms. Tenney’s comments were in response to Mr. Garland, who has criticized these laws as “discriminatory, burdensome and unnecessary.” --->READ MORE HERE
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The case for voter ID is unassailable, unless you’re hiding something:
Every election year there is a push from Democrats to make it easier to vote. Long ago, the big push was to register you to vote when you got a driver’s license. Now they’re pushing to register you to vote if you merely exist.
You’d think someone wanting to register to vote would be an important part of the registration process, but you’d be wrong. They want to get you on the voting rolls because “the right to vote is sacrosanct,” we are told, and yet somehow your will does not matter.
In their own words, they would say they are doing everything possible to “remove obstacles to voting.” But I have a question: Just how easy do we have to make it to vote?
If the right to vote is sacrosanct, as Democrats insist, why do they oppose even the most basic efforts to protect the integrity of the voter rolls? Can you think of anything else whose integrity is so important?
There is no good answer, only speculative ones. But it’s a question that needs to be asked. The more people who are registered to vote, the greater the opportunity for fraud. If, say, someone who is 60 years old and has never registered to vote, for whatever reason, is suddenly registered automatically, the odds of that person showing up and actually voting are slim to none. Past voting behavior, after all, is very predictive of the future.
But if some unscrupulous person wished to cast a fraudulent vote, looking at the voting rolls to find people who have not voted in several cycles would be a very good place to start. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Top red state official demands answers on Biden executive order 'attempting to register' illegals to vote+++++

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