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Barrage of UKR Missiles Blitz Crimea as Explosion Rips Through RU Airfield; 3 Missiles Hit RU Black Sea Fleet Comms Centre in Sevastopol; UKR Targets 2 More RU Oil Refineries; UKR Repels 54 RU Assaults in 5 Dirs; 64 Combat Clashes, RU Loses: 1000 Sold, 36 Art-Sys, 12 Tanks Past Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

RAINING FIRE Dramatic moment barrage of missiles blitz occupied Crimea as explosion rips through Russian airfield:
UKRAINE has launched a daring missile blitz over annexed Crimea hitting a key airbase which is home to Putin's prized fighter jet fleet.
Shocking footage showed enormous infernos ripping through the sky in the occupied port of Sevastopol.
Putin's crony in Crimea, Mikhail Razvozhaev, was forced to admit the Russian military is currently fighting off Ukrainian rockets in a "massive attack".
Local reports said the barrage had targeted the Belbek military airfield.
Close to Putin's main naval base, the airfield was hit just weeks ago by Ukrainian missiles in another humiliating blow.
It is believed to be home to a host of Russia's fighter jet fleet stationed on the peninsula.
Ukraine's daring hit comes as the latest embarrassment to embattled Putin's war effort - possibly striking land, air and sea via Putin's Black Sea Fleet comms centre.
The centre of the naval port is also currently "on fire", according to one unconfirmed report on X.
A Crimea Telegram channel said "the missiles arrived at the main special communications center of the Russian Black Sea Fleet".
Ukrainian missiles have also reportedly hit several buildings in the occupied region. 
Dramatic clips shared on X showed air raid sirens blasting out as smoke filled the sky.
Putin's beloved £3billion Kerch Bridge - which has previously been hit by Ukraine and connects the Crimean peninsula to Russia - was also closed amid the barrage of aerial hits from Ukraine. --->READ MORE HERE
Three Storm Shadow missiles hit Russian Black Sea Fleet communications centre in Sevastopol – photo, video:
It was reported late in the evening of 23 March that cruise missiles have hit the main communications centre of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Sevastopol.
Source: OSINTtechnical on –•; the Telegram channel Krymskii Veter (Crimean Wind)
Quote from OSINTtechnical: "Appears that at least three Ukrainian Storm Shadow cruise missiles just slammed into a major Russian Black Sea Fleet communications center."
Sevastopol, multiple Ukrainian Storm Shadow cruise missile slam into a Russian target

— OSINTtechnical (@Osinttechnical) March 23, 2024
Quote from Krymskii Veter: "We have been informed that missiles have hit the main special communications centre of the Russian Black Sea Fleet at 1, Mykoly Muzyky Street."
Background: About ten explosions were heard in occupied Sevastopol on Saturday evening. The occupation authorities reported that the air defence systems had been activated and targets shot down, and the Telegram channel Crimean Wind (Krymskii Veter) reported that strikes had occurred in the city.--->READ MORE HERE
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