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Zelenskyy: For Every Death of a UKRainian, There are 7 Dead RUssians in Avdiivka; RU's Fields of Hell: 'it was a meatgrinder here'; ‘Everywhere is full of dead Russians’ — CNN reporter; UKR Repels 14 Attacks on Dnipro L-Bank; RU Loses: Aircraft, 1000+ Soldiers, 40 Art-Sys -1Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine 
Zelenskyy: For every death of a Ukrainian, there are seven dead Russians in Avdiivka:
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has reported that Russia's losses in Avdiivka were seven times higher than Ukraine's.
Source : Zelenskyy at the Munich Security Conference
Quote from Zelenskyy : "I cannot tell you the number of casualties we have. For example, in Avdiivka, I have just compared the numbers – it’s one to seven.
For every death of a Ukrainian, there are seven Russian deaths, that's the ratio.
I'm not comparing it – it's a tragedy to lose even one person from our side.
But you have to understand what was happening in this small town."
Details : Zelenskyy also said that the Russians had lost "tens of thousands of people" in Avdiivka since October 2023.
Background : Oleksandr Syrskyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced the withdrawal of Ukrainian units from Avdiivka. --->READ MORE HERE
Russia's fields of hell: Harrowing footage shows Putin's troops counting their losses on frontline battleground as they walk through corpses after '70 per cent of a 4,000-man brigade is slaughtered':
The extreme brutality of the war raging in eastern Ukraine has been laid bare by Russian soldiers who filmed the horror surrounding them in the aftermath of a savage firefight close to the bitterly contested city of Avdiivka.
Harrowing footage revealed how what was once a peaceful wooded area had been reduced to a dystopian wasteland of scorched earth littered with obliterated vehicles, devastated trees - and piles of corpses.
A brigade of some 4,000 Russian troops went into battle there, but now 'only 30 per cent remain', the cameraman declared flatly as he showed countless bodies lying in the dirt.
Some were missing limbs, while others appeared to be decomposing - or perhaps were simply suffering from frostbite in the sub zero temperatures prior to their death.
'I went to see the war. I did. I wasn't expecting this. There's a war, but this… it was a meatgrinder here,' one Russian was heard saying.
The survivors were slogging through the devastation in an effort to find water.
'We haven't eaten or drank in a few days. The water in an issue. No food is fine but you always want to drink,' they said.
All manner of debris was seen scattered about the battlefield which had evidently come under heavy fire.
Everything from empty ammunition boxes, weapons, personal belongings and rubbish from the makeshift living quarters was spread out between the shattered branches of exploded trees.
Artillery had battered the Russian's armoured vehicles, the charred and twisted hulls of which lay broken in the thick mud.
The Russian soldiers recounted the gory details of the scene as they clambered over blasted tree stumps and picked their way through trenches and craters.
To their credit, they tried to put a brave face on, employing a little gallows humour as they took in the devastation that encircled them.
'Ah, we have a fun life,' one said. 'Seryoga is walking along the trenchline, I'm right beside him.
'We're going for food!' he quips before telling his comrade to alert him to any corpses they find.
It doesn't take long for Seryoga to point some out.
'His he (Ukrainian)? Ah no, he's one of ours - red band. Only half the body... it's all scattered with bodies,' the cameraman says.
'So many weapons... don't step on the grenade! Ah, here's another burned body... only half left of it. And there's more of our vehicles - tanks, BTRs... all demolished by (Ukrainians),' the breathless soldier said. --->READ MORE HERE
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