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Why Cardiovascular Deaths had an Alarming Post-COVID Spike; With Chronic Absenteeism Soaring, Educrats Still Tell Students School Isn’t That Important , and other C-Virus related stories

Why cardiovascular deaths had an alarming post-COVID spike:
There has been an alarming amount of cardiovascular-related deaths — reversing a 10-year downward trend — in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Northwestern University.
“We were concerned about the emerging evidence that chronic disease outcomes worsened during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Rebecca C. Woodruff of the CDC said.
“This was unfortunately the case with heart disease and stroke, which had been improving before the pandemic.”
Researchers observed that the span of cardiovascular (CVD) deaths between 2020 and 2022 had increased trend expectations by 228,000 across all demographics.
That two-year period saw a 9.3% increase, a stark contrast from the 8.9% decline from 2010 to 2019.
Woodruff and her organization blamed “the magnitude of the setbacks” brought on by COVID as the culprit. --->READ MORE HERE
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With chronic absenteeism soaring, educrats still tell students school isn’t that important:
The Biden administration Wednesday announced its plan to attack the latest education scourge: chronic absenteeism.
“We cannot and will not accept that as a new normal,” the White House said, referring to double-digit truancy rates.
Two days later, Washington and surrounding suburbs once again showed students how important the adults really think school is: They canceled classes for no reason.
“DC Public Schools will be closed,” Mayor Muriel Bowser abruptly announced Friday morning.
The nominal reason was snow.
But it didn’t snow much. DC got fewer than four inches, which fell calmly and steadily through the afternoon.
There were no wind or visibility problems; it wasn’t bitterly cold.
Even with the district’s casual approach to plowing and even without heavy-duty winter gear, roads and sidewalks were perfectly passable by car and on foot.
Nor was this a “better safe than sorry” fizzled-out forecast: It was never supposed to snow very much.
The local government’s decision to close schools left more than 50,000 students — most of them black or Hispanic, half of them “at risk,” according to various government homeless and welfare criteria — home, many alone, with nothing to do. --->READ MORE HERE
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