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Under Biden, We Don’t Know Who’s Coming into the US: And the Consequences are Dire and Real; Does Old Joe Biden Even Know That He’s President? “I mean, come on, man.”

Under Biden, We Don’t Know Who’s Coming into the U.S.:
And the consequences are dire and real.
Pierre Lucard Emile, an illegal alien from Haiti, raped and beat a developmentally disabled person in Boston, according to prosecutors. Emile arrived at the port of entry in Brownsville, Texas “where he was deemed inadmissible and issued a notice to appear,” according to ICE.
In 2023, Peruvian national Emilio Vasquez-Santamaria was charged with murder after being arrested in connection with the killing of U.S. citizen in Eagle Pass, Texas. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), he crossed illegally at Eagle Pass in May 2023 and was released with a Notice to Appear for 2025.
A new January 2024 report from the U.S. House Judiciary Committee revealed that since January 20, 2021, the Biden administration has released more than 3.3 million illegal aliens into the U.S.
Who are they? What are their intentions? We simply don’t know. We do know there are at least 617,607 aliens on ICE’s non-detained docket who have criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. That means more than half a million criminal aliens are in U.S. communities, posing a serious threat to Americans in every state.
According to the Center for Immigration Studies, ICE released 68.1% of the aliens transferred to them by CBP for detention.
In Chicago, Jaime Ubaldo Obando-Andrade, an illegal alien from Ecuador, stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a Macy’s store. Upon investigation it was discovered that he had a fake Washington state driver’s license and had cut off an ICE electronic monitoring device. Among the more than 21,000 migrants the sanctuary city has taken in, the Chicago Police Department reported arresting 686 Venezuelans in 2023, which represents a 11,333% increase in arrests of Venezuelans since 2021. Further, between October 2023 and January 2024, police in Oak Brook, a Chicago suburb, arrested 47 migrants for retail theft and burglary. --->READ MORE HERE
Does Old Joe Biden Even Know That He’s President?
“I mean, come on, man.”
Old Joe Biden has just articulated what many Americans wish were true: he referred to Donald Trump as “a sitting president.” That term is applied to the person who is president now, so the question is inevitable: does Old Joe even know that he’s ostensibly the president of the United States?
Biden said it Saturday at a campaign stop in Columbia, S.C., in the midst of touting his catastrophic economy as if it were something in which he could take pride. “In recent weeks,” he claimed, “we’re starting to see real evidence that American consumers are facing real confidence in their economy we’re building.”
Yeah, that’s what he said: “facing real confidence.” The transcript wonks over at have the unenviable task of trying to make sense of what Old Joe says, and so in their version, “facing” is matter-of-factly crossed out, and “feeling” added in. That works, but it’s not what the man said, and it papers over the larger problem of the nation’s chief executive’s utterly manifestly incoherent (to say nothing of outrageously false) sentences without appearing to notice, much less correct himself. And worse was coming.
Biden seems to be more coherent; he is now calling Trump the ‘sitting president’

— RoamingRN (@roaming_rn) January 28, 2024
Old Joe continued: “Lemme tell you who else is noticing that: Donald Trump.” The Trump-hating crowd, which moments before this had been howling “Loser Donald Trump” at Biden’s mention of the left’s current Emmanuel Goldstein figure, lapped this up and erupted into gales of appreciative laughter.
This encouraged Joe, who meandered on: “Did you see what he recently said about, the wes— um, k— k—, that wants to, that he wants to see the economy crash this year? A sitting president. As they say in my faith, ‘Bless me, Father, for…’” He trailed off as he began to make the sign of the cross, and then added: “I mean, come on, man,” which set the assembled leftists off into new laughing fits. cleaned this up as well, crossing out “sitting” and helpfully adding “former” in brackets, in case we didn’t know what Joe doesn’t know. is just a transcription service, however, despite often acting as the man who follows behind the circus elephant with a dustpan and broom, and so it didn’t offer any context for Old Joe’s willful distortion of what Trump really said. --->READ MORE HERE
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