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UKR Troops Pull Out of Avdiivka for Strategic Repositioning; Czechia Found Way to Get 800,000 Shells for UKR; RU Forces Unable to Land on Dnipro's R-Bank; UKR Downs 3 RU Warplanes; 63 Combat Engagements-FrtLine-1Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Photo:REUTERS/Yevhen Titov
Ukrainian troops pull out of Avdiivka for strategic repositioning — Syrskyi:
Ukrainian troops have withdrawn from Avdiivka, Oleksandr Syrskyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said on the night of Feb. 17.
“Based on the operational situation that has developed around Avdiivka, in order to avoid encirclement and to preserve the lives and health of servicemen, I have made the decision to withdraw our units from the city and transition to defense on more advantageous positions,” Syrskyi said.
He added that measures are currently being taken to stabilize the situation and maintain the positions held.
“The lives of servicemen are the highest value. We will still reclaim Avdiivka,” he noted.
The Battle for Avdiivka: What is known
Russian forces intensified their offensive on Avdiivka in October 2023, simultaneously with massive strikes on the city.
On Feb. 8, Dmytro Lykhoviy, a representative of the Tavria operational-strategic grouping of troops, stated that fighting continues in Avdiivka within the city limits.
On Feb. 14, the Donetsk Regional State Administration announced that the road to Avdiivka is completely under fire. According to Lykhovyi, if Russia cuts off the main logistical artery to Avdiivka, there are alternative routes. --->READ MORE HERE
Petr Pavel. Photo: Getty Images 
Czech President says Czechia found way to get 800,000 shells for Ukraine:
Czechia has found a way to acquire 800,000 shells for Ukraine but it needs funding to do so, Czech President Petr Pavel has said.
Source: Pavel in Munich at the Ukrainian Lunch organised by the Pinchuk Foundation, as reported by a European Pravda correspondent
Details: Pavel spoke at a panel discussion with the leaders of 5 EU member states and commented on the challenges of supplying weapons and ammunition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He said Prague had found a way to arrange such supplies.
"We need to support Ukraine by supplying ammunition from all possible sources. We need to be as innovative and flexible as Ukrainian soldiers and look for military equipment everywhere," he explained.
Pavel noted that Czechia "looks for military supplies around the world and then works with our NATO partners" and specifically mentioned Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada, which have provided resources to bring military equipment to Czechia. "And then we promptly transport it to Ukraine," he explained.
Pavel added that Czechia had been successful in searching for it.
Quote: "So far, we have found half a million 155mm shells and 300,000 122mm shells, which we can ship [to Ukraine] in a few weeks provided we have the funding. We will address our partners in the United States, Germany, Sweden, etc., for such assistance," he said. --->READ MORE HERE
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