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UKR Struggling to Maximize Every Shell as Ammo Ration Continues; UKR Destroys RU Artillery Div on Bakhmut's Flank; Powerful Explosion at Plant in RU That Produces Ballistic Missiles; 92 Combat Clashes on F-Lines-24 hrs, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

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Ukraine struggling to maximize every shell as ammunition ration continues:
Ukrainian forces are trying to make every shell count as their munitions run dangerously low — and Russia is trying to push their advantage by targeting what supplies remain in Ukrainian stockpiles.
Faced with rationing ammunition as US legislators continue to squabble over a new funding package, Ukraine has been firing what shells it has remaining at Russian supply lines and fuel depots in the hopes of starving out invading troops on the front lines.
“By hitting targets at depth, you are relieving troops at the front,” retired German Lt. Gen. Heinrich Brauss told the Wall Street Journal, explaining the strategy.
Ukraine has also been targeting Russian airbases deep behind the front lines in the hopes of stopping relentless drone, rocket, and missile strikes that have been harassing the ammunition-starved Ukrainian military, according to the Journal.
Supplies have begun to run dangerously low as US negotiations over further funding for Ukraine, first proposed in October, grind into yet another week of gridlock on Capital Hill.
After appearing to come close to a resolution over the $118 billion package — which includes $60 billion in Ukrainian aide, along with billions for Israel, Gaza, and US border security — Senate conservatives labeled it a “non-starter” on Sunday over dissatisfaction with border legislation it included. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukrainian forces destroy Russian artillery division on Bakhmut's flank with drones
Today, a large number of drones are being used on the contact line by both Ukrainian and Russian forces
Denys Nahornyi, Major of the National Guard, Chief of Staff of the Artillery of the 4th Rubizh Brigade, said this on Espreso TV.
"There are some results in this direction. For example, on the northern flank of Bakhmut, in a month, the Defense Forces' drones destroyed an entire Russian artillery division. There are successes, but we cannot give up on artillery, it is the main means of supporting the infantry," he noted.
Shell hunger at the front is growing exponentially, says Nahornyi.
"There are enough shells for defensive actions, they are compensated by joint actions with companies of unmanned aerial vehicles. But for tactical actions, offensive or recapture of certain positions, for example, for a battalion, this is not enough," he said.
The advantage of the Russian army is that it concentrates a very large number of forces and firepower, artillery, aircraft, drones, and mortars, on certain sections. Thanks to this, they sometimes manage to drive the Ukrainian Armed Forces out of their positions. Later, these positions can be difficult to regain, Nahornyi said.
"The main point is to destroy the enemy's infantry before it gets close to the front line. But the war has moved to a stage where the number of artillery shots from both sides is decreasing every day. The military-industrial complex of even such a large country as the Russian Federation is not capable of producing the same number of shells as before. Last year there were about 30 thousand shots from the Russian side. Today, about 3,000-4,000 shots were fired from our side, and up to 10,000 shots from the Russians, in total," he added. --->READ MORE HERE
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