Monday, February 26, 2024

Solar flares? Russian Nukes? Theories Swirl for What Caused Nationwide Cell Outage; Was the AT&T Cellular Outage a Precursor to Something FAR WORSE???

Solar flares? Russian nukes? Theories swirl for what caused nationwide cell outage:
It was like a game of telephone, only with no cell phone service.
Theories about Thursday massive disruption swirled on social media, with blame for the widespread outage leveled at US foes Russia and China, as well as aliens, solar flares and even Netflix — which some suggested created the havoc to promote an apocalyptic film with an eerily similar tech blackout.
No official reason has yet surfaced for why there more than 74,000 AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon users reported that they lost cell service Thursday morning. Countless others didn’t lodge a report even though they were impacted by the outage.
Some police departments stopped receiving 911 calls during the ongoing outage, while similar issues were reported at smaller carriers like Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular and Straight Talk Wireless.
The most credible-sounding scenario focused on the sun, which emitted two solar flares on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) warned the “strong flare event” could include “temporary degradation or complete loss of [high frequency radio] signal on much of the sunlit side of the Earth.”
The government agency, however, quickly shot down the theory that flares caused the loss of cell service.
“Bottom line: this outage appears to be a coincidence not connected to the X class solar flares,” an NOAA told The Post.
A separate statement prepared by the NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center read: “Based on the intensity of the eruption and associated phenomena, it is highly unlikely that these flares contributed to the widely reported cellular network outages.”
Users on X pointing to more terrestrial threats like Russia, whose leader Vladimir Putin has been apparently been looking into nuking US satellites, as The Post previously reported. --->READ MORE HERE
Was the AT&T Cellular Outage a Precursor to Something FAR WORSE???

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