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RU Landing Ship Caesar Kunikov Hit and Sunk in Black Sea; Warship Carried Military Cargo; Powerful Fire Broke Out at Oil Depot Near Russian City of Kursk; RU launched 10 Attacks on Avdiivka, 11 ATTEMPTS to Advance on Marinka; RU Loses 1,000+ Soldiers- 1 Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Photo: website of Russia's Black Sea Fleet 
Russian landing ship Tsezar Kunikov hit in Black Sea, it has sunk – intelligence sources, photo, video:
Drones of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) have struck the Russian landing ship Tsezar Kunikov in the Black Sea on the morning of 14 February.
Source: Ukrainska Pravda sources in DIU
Details: Ukrainska Pravda sources reported that it was a DIU operation, resulting in the sinking of the Tsezar Kunikov.
Something was burning in the Black Sea. Sources of the UP in the GUR say that they shot down another ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. He allegedly sank. Video from the Crimean Wind Telegram channel

— Ukrainian truth ✌ (@ukrpravda_news) February 14, 2024
Ukrainska Pravda has asked for official comments on this matter.
Mi-8 and Ka-27 helicopters flying low over the water in the area of ​​Foros-Katsiveli-Alupka testify that something really happened in the Black Sea. Video from the "Crimean Wind" Telegram channel

— Ukrainian truth ✌ (@ukrpravda_news) February 14, 2024
For reference: According to the Russian Black Sea Fleet's website, the Tsezar Kunikov is a Project 775 large landing ship. The vessel is 112.5 metres long, 15 metres wide and has a draft of 3.7 metres. The warship has the following weapons: 2x2 57-mm AK-725 artillery pieces, 4x8 launchers of man-portable air defence systems, and 2x30 122-mm A-215 Grad-M multiple rocket launchers. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo:RU Defense Ministry/ Handout via REUTERS
Sunk Russian warship carried military cargo, Ukraine says:
Large landing ship Caesar Kunikov, which was sunk by Ukrainian naval drones in the Black Sea earlier on Feb. 14, was transporting ammunition, Ukrainian Defense Intelligence (HUR) spokesman Andriy Yusov told RFE/RL.
"In this case, the cargo was ammunition, most likely missiles," said Yusov.
He did not specify the exact number of drones that were used to sink the warship but noted that it was roughly comparable to the number deployed during the Feb. 1 attack on Russian missile boat Ivanovets.
“The majority of drones hit their target, despite the ship being on combat duty—that is, ready for potential attacks,” Yusov added.
“It tried to resist, but now we can see that the occupiers cannot effectively cope with such Ukrainian operations.”
In the night of Feb. 14, HUR and the Ukrainian military carried out an operation to destroy large landing ship Caesar Kunikov—hit by Ukrainian-made Magura V5 drones near occupied Alupka, Crimea. According to Ukrainian reports, the ship received critical breaches on the port side and started to sink. Reportedly, 87 crew were on board.
Caesar Kunikov is a Project 775 class warship, which participated in the KFOR operation in Kosovo in 1999, in the war against Georgia, and was involved in supporting the Syrian army. --->READ MORE HERE
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