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Report: Biden’s Job-Growth Boasts Built on Illegal Migration; Job Gains are Going to Immigrants, and Keeping Young US-Born Men Out of the Workforce

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Report: Biden’s Job-Growth Boasts Built on Illegal Migration:
President Joe Biden’s jobs record is built on the record hiring of 2.9 million job-seeking migrants — and a persistent 183,000 deficit in the number of Americans with jobs compared to 2019, according to a report by the Center for Immigration Studies.
Biden’s “Immigrant employment … has exploded,” said a statement by Steven Camarota, who wrote the report, titled “All Employment Growth Has Gone to Immigrants, Compared to 2019.”
“The number of U.S.-born Americans working [has grown yet] has still not returned to the 2019 pre-Covid level,” he added.
The data does not say that American job-seekers are being unfairly pushed aside while employers only hire migrants for new jobs.
Instead, the data showed that all of Biden’s extra jobs above the 2019 level are held by his migrants — even as U.S.-born workers have not regained all their jobs held in 2019.
The share of working Americans remains below 2019 rates, partly because many older Americans are retiring while relatively few young Americans are joining the workforce. This demographic decline ensures that CEOs are likely to fill many jobs with hard-working migrants who are replacing the American babies who were not born in the early 2000s.
But Biden also makes it easy and profitable for CEOs to hire illegal migrants instead of the many Americans who still do not have jobs.
There are roughly five million working-age American men who could be hired for the extra jobs in the economy, Camarota told Breitbart News. Employers prefer not to hire them because they are sidelined in jobless towns, or by drug addiction, ill-health, criminal records, apathy, and alienation. --->READ MORE HERE
Job gains are going to immigrants, and keeping young US-born men out of the workforce:
We keep hearing that the US economy is strong, especially the job market.
At first glance, this perspective seems to be spot-on. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, right before COVID-19 hit, the fourth quarter of 2023 shows 2.7 million more people working.
Except all those gains are among immigrants.
The number of immigrants working over this period is up by 2.9 million, while 183,000 fewer US-born Americans are working.
Put simply, compared to 2019, all the net job growth has gone to immigrants.
To be clear, employment for both groups has rebounded significantly since the depths of the COVID-19 recession in 2020. But the number of US-born workers has not returned to the level it was before the pandemic, while immigrant employment (legal and illegal together) has ballooned.
How do we know this? The government collects the Current Population Survey (CPS) each month specifically to measure employment. It asks people where they were born and if they are US citizens.
Of the 2.9 million additional immigrants holding jobs, it is hard to say what share are in the country illegally. Both the Census Bureau, which collects the data, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which analyzes them, are clear that illegal immigrants are included in the CPS, but they don’t break it down by illegal and legal status.
However, we do know that 1.7 million — or six out of 10 — were not American citizens. The rest were naturalized US citizens.
Based on this and some other information in the data, it is very possible that half the net increase in jobs went to illegal immigrants.
Maybe that isn’t so bad, because don’t we need the workers?
Put aside for a moment how illegal immigrant employment flouts our laws. There are enormous costs associated with illegal immigration, as New York City and other sanctuary jurisdictions are discovering. Most illegal immigrants have low levels of education, and people with that skill profile generally earn modest wages, pay relatively little in taxes, and consume a lot of means-tested benefits. --->READ MORE HERE
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