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No Immigration Deal: Laws Do Not Enforce Themselves, and Biden Isn’t Trustworthy; Speaker Mike Johnson to House GOP: Senate Immigration Deal ‘absolutely dead,’ Members Say

No immigration deal: Laws do not enforce themselves, and Biden isn’t trustworthy:
This month, The Wall Street Journal, as it sometimes does, joined the chorus of businesses and encouraged the Republicans to take the deal — which, to be clear, no one outside the negotiations has seen — on immigration.
There are two problems with that. First, the deal, such as it might be, almost certainly will include a provision allowing the president to parole as many of those entering the country illegally as he sees fit. That would have the practical effect of voiding the remainder of whatever deal emerges.
For the current administration — which has never had any intention of reducing illegal immigration — the ability to parole an infinite number of illegal immigrants would be a feature and not a bug of any deal.
The second problem is that the timing is suboptimal. The Journal argues that the deal, which no one has seen, is the best legislative answer to illegal immigration that is likely to appear in the near future, especially if former President Donald Trump becomes president again.
It’s a good thing the crew at the Journal doesn’t do legislative work for a living. In the event Mr. Trump becomes president, the Democrats will — in an effort to salvage what they can — rush to make a legislative deal with the new president.
Contextually, the reality is that American voters of all stripes are aware of our lack of a southern border and want something done about it. The Democrats have arranged themselves on the wrong side of the immigration issue and now trail the Republicans on immigration by 30 points. --->READ MORE HERE
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Speaker Mike Johnson to House GOP: Senate immigration deal ‘absolutely dead,’ members say:
Speaker Mike Johnson privately told House Republicans the Senate’s bipartisan immigration deal has “no way forward,” according to lawmakers who attended a closed-door meeting Tuesday – the latest blow to a major national security package intended to unlock critical aid to Ukraine as former President Donald Trump urges Republicans to kill it.
Leaving their conference meeting, House Republicans said Johnson made clear the immigration deal is “absolutely dead.”
“I just heard Speaker Johnson saying it’s absolutely dead, which is what I wanted to hear,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia told CNN. “As a matter of fact, he said so clear, ‘I don’t know why people keep asking me about it,’ because as it stands right now, there’s no way forward.”
Rep. Roger Williams of Texas added that Johnson, “said it’s not going anywhere.”
The House GOP’s warning to the Senate comes as Trump has called on Congress to tank the border deal as he rails against chaos at the border in his fight for the White House. Democrats and even some Republicans believe that Trump is simply trying to preserve a potent campaign issue and deny President Joe Biden a legislative achievement by derailing a deal cut by one of the most conservative senators, James Lankford of Oklahoma.
At a news conference later on Tuesday, Johnson denied pushing to kill the Senate border deal in order to help Trump on the campaign trail, but the speaker said that he has spoken to Trump “at length.”
“No, Manu, that’s absurd,” Johnson told CNN. “I have talked to former President Trump about this issue at length and he understands that we have a responsibility to do here.”
Johnson added, “The president of course, President Trump, wants to secure the country. President Trump is the one that talked about border security before anyone else did. He ran on, as you remember, building the wall. Why? Because he saw this catastrophe coming. He knew that if we did not get control of it, we would be in this situation.” --->READ MORE HERE
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