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NJ-Based Gang of Migrants Charging $6K a Head to Smuggle Illegal Immigrants into US from Canada: Report; The OTHER Border Crisis: New Jersey-Based Smuggling Gang Run by Illegal Immigrants has Helped Dozens Sneak into US from CANADA for $6,000 a Head - Amid 500% Surge in Crossings at Northern Frontier

NJ-based gang of migrants charging $6K a head to smuggle illegal immigrants into US from Canada: report:
A New Jersey-based migrant gang is smuggling hordes of illegal immigrants into the US across the Canadian border for a price of $6,000 a head, a new report reveals.
The human smuggling gang took root after its founders were briefly detained and cut loose by federal immigration authorities.
The ringleaders, migrants from Guatemala and Colombia, snuck across the Mexican border and set up shop in the Garden State, running the lucrative scheme while dodging the feds, according to a report by the Daily Mail.
While US Border Patrol agents grapple with an overwhelming flow of asylum seekers from Mexico, the Jersey-based gang has helped spark an under-the-radar surge in crossings along the northern border, the outlet said.
“With the huge asylum-seeker concentrations and with all of those people crossing the border and with the huge increase in the amount of enforcement that is going on on the southern border, it is probably, if you have an option, a lot easier to try to get in without inspection across the Canadian border,” said Philip Kasinitz, a professor of immigration studies at the CUNY Graduate Center.
The migrant smugglers are capitalizing on it — charging a hefty bounty to sneak immigrants from Quebec and into Vermont, where scrutiny is much less intense, the Mail said.
In June, Elmer Bran-Galvez, allegedly a driver for the smuggling ring, was stopped by border agents in Franklin, Vermont transporting four illegal immigrants, telling authorities he was paid around $1,800 for each illicit passenger — but was not charged, according to the outlet. --->READ MORE HERE
The OTHER border crisis: New Jersey-based smuggling gang run by illegal immigrants has helped dozens sneak into US from CANADA for $6,000 a head - amid 500% surge in crossings at northern frontier:
As the migrant crisis reaches boiling point and divides cities and states, can reveal another border scandal occurring right under Americans' noses.
These are the faces of a prolific people smuggling gang run by undocumented migrants who started sneaking into the US illegally in 2019 and are now offering passage to others by bringing them in from Canada for $6,000-a-head.
Several have been running the gang from New Jersey, where they settled after being released by ICE.
To date, they have moved dozens if not hundreds of migrants into the US using secretive tactics to sneak them across the scarcely-guarded border between between Quebec and Vermont.
Astonishingly, the gang was able to continue operating despite being caught red-handed multiple times.
US authorities have arrested and charged two accused ringleaders who are both undocumented migrants.
A third alleged leader remains at large in Canada, where authorities say they have no powers to detain him.
Despite snaring two of the ringleaders, individuals linked to the gang have continued to smuggle migrants across the border.
Prosecutors have linked the ringleaders to at least five foiled smuggling incidents in Vermont which brought 'at least 25 migrants' into the country. Runners have confessed to Border Patrol investigators that many more illegal crossings went undetected.
The gang's sophisticated operation – and the astonishing decision to release smugglers even after they were caught in the act – can be revealed by amid a sharp increase in illegal crossings at the Canadian border.
There were 10,021 arrests for illegal crossings at the border with Canada in 2023, more than five times the number in the previous year. The majority of incidents took place in and around the Vermont area where the gang operated.
Analysts believe the route has become increasingly popular among wealthier migrants who want to avoid the more chaotic and dangerous conditions on the southern border. The northern border also faces a disproportionately high number of crossings by people on the United States terror watchlist, official figures reveal. --->READ MORE HERE
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