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Media Admit Joe Biden Involved in Lucrative ‘Americore’ Deal with Brother James; James Biden Said Joe was Present for Call About Now-Bankrupt Hospital Firm Prez’s Bro Allegedly Fleeced; Biden's $200K Payment from Brother Receives Renewed Scrutiny After Report Detailing Failed Hospital Venture

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Media Admit Joe Biden Involved in Lucrative ‘Americore’ Deal with Brother James:
Politico national political correspondent Ben Schreckinger admitted Sunday that President Joe Biden was involved with James Biden in the family’s lucrative “Americore” deal.
The article appears to contradict Politico reporting in October that no “smoking gun” exists that proves any Biden family wrongdoing. Politico, a publication that tried to dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story, typically works to suppress the Biden business scandal.
The outlet reviewed information that shows that “Joe Biden’s name and inner circle were more involved with the company than has been understood,” Schreckinger acknowledged:
The investigation also reveals that Joe Biden’s name and inner circle were more involved with the company than has been understood: In addition to the accounts provided by former executives, investor materials described Jim Biden as an adviser to his older brother. And on top of Joe Biden’s own previously reported encounter with the firm’s CEO, at least three of Joe Biden’s relatives did work with Americore. They include Jim Biden’s wife, Sara, and his son, Jamie. The president’s son, Hunter Biden also met with its CEO, and his personal doctor — current White House physician Kevin O’Connor — joined a meeting with Jim Biden and the president of a hospital being acquired by Americore, according to a former executive and emails obtained by POLITICO.
Politico’s change in turn comes months after House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) produced findings in October about Americore and a $200,000 check landing in Joe Biden’s bank account.
Comer believes the $200,000 payment is suspicious because the money flowed through a distressed entity, Americore, which loaned James Biden $600,000. On March 1, 2018, Americore wired him $200,000. That same day, James Biden sent Joe Biden a $200,000 check.
James Biden denied the $200,000 check he gave Joe Biden was due to a preexisting business relationship. He insisted, instead, that the money was a return payment for money Joe Biden lent him. Comer requested the alleged “loan documents” the Biden brothers might have consummated, but the White House stonewalled the request. --->READ MORE HERE
James Biden said Joe was present for call about now-bankrupt hospital firm prez’s bro allegedly fleeced: report;
President Biden’s younger brother James said the future president was sitting right next to him during a business call about a now-bankrupt hospital business James allegedly fleeced, according to a new report — mirroring first son Hunter Biden’s infamous assertion to a Chinese businessman in July 2017 that he was “sitting here with my father” in a shakedown text message.
Joe Biden also met with the founder of Americore Health Enterprises before it went belly-up — harming its rural patients in the process — and he was at one point penciled in for an equity stake, Politico reported.
Current presidential physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor even participated in a business meeting at a Pennsylvania hospital with James Biden after the facility was acquired by Americore.
James Biden, 74, is expected to be grilled on details of his dealings and Joe Biden’s potential involvement during a Wednesday deposition before the House impeachment inquiry, which is also likely to probe Joe Biden’s role in his brother’s business ventures in countries including China, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.
House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) revealed bank records in October showing James Biden paid $200,000 to brother Joe on March 1, 2018, the same day he received a matching amount from Americore in exchange for working his political connections to help secure the hospital chain a Middle Eastern investor.
An earlier $400,000 payment was made to James Biden by Americore on Jan. 12, 2018.
US Rep. Dan Meuser (R-Pa.), who served as the state’s revenue secretary from 2011 to 2015, has asked the IRS to investigate the loan repayment.
In total, James Biden received $600,000 in loans from the company the year before it folded, according to a July 2022 bankruptcy filing, with the first brother’s taking the money “based upon representations that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors.’”
The first brother’s wife, Sara, prepared investor presentations and his son, James, produced a video pitch for Americore — while the president’s son Hunter met with its CEO, according to the testimony of a former executive and emails reported by Politico.
James Biden also reportedly fired Americore’s CFO, Tony Sudduth, shortly after the March 2018 payment for not putting together financial statements ahead of a pitch to investors. --->READ MORE HERE
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