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Fire Erupts at RU Oil Refinery After UKR Drone Strike; UKR's SBU Behind Drone Strike on Key RU Oil Refinery Supplying Army; UKR GS: Forces Repel 48 RU Attacks in 7 Sectors, 830 RUs Killed; 46 Art Sys Destroyed-1 Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Fire erupts at Russian oil refinery after Ukrainian drone strike: reports:
A pair of Ukrainian drones struck a major oil refinery in southwestern Russia overnight, sparking a fire, according to reports.
Ukraine’s SBU security service was behind the operation on the refinery, which was in the Volograd region and was owned by industry behemoth Lukoil, news outlets reported.
Local media V1 published photos that it said depicted an explosion during the overnight attack, and residents told the outlet they heard two explosions, according to AFP.
Russian officials downplayed the severity of the attack.
“Last night, the air defense and electronic jamming repelled an attack by drones in the Volgograd region’s Kalachyovsky and Zakanalye districts,” Volgograd governor Andrei Bocharov said on Telegram.
“A fire started at the Volgograd refinery after one of the downed drones fell,” he added, noting that firefighters had the blaze under control by the morning and no one was hurt in the attack.
Saturday’s operation was the latest in a series of Ukrainian drone strikes in recent weeks targeting Russian oil facilities, which Kyiv sees as vital for the Kremlin’s war effort. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo:Screenshot of the social media video/Telegram 
Ukraine's SBU behind drone strike on key Russian oil refinery supplying army, NV sources say:
An attack on one of Russia's largest oil refineries, Lukoil, in Volgograd overnight on Feb. 3, was carried out by Ukraine’s SBU security service, a source of NV reported.
The SBU struck with two drones, hitting the primary oil refining unit, "without which the plant will lose a significant part of its production capacity."
"The SBU continues to systematically destroy the infrastructure used by Russia to wage war in Ukraine," the NV source said.
"By attacking oil refineries that support Russia's military-industrial complex, we not only disrupt fuel logistics for enemy vehicles but also reduce funds flowing into the Russian budget," the NV source said.
A drone attack and fire at the Volgograd refinery were reported by Russian Telegram channels earlier. At the peak of the fire, it spread over an area of 300 square meters. Local authorities nonetheless reported the alleged destruction of the drones.
A fire broke out in the port of Ust-Luga near St. Petersburg overnight on Jan. 20-21 after a series of explosions. The fire engulfed the terminal of Novatek, Russia's largest natural gas producer. --->READ MORE HERE
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