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Bob Menendez’s Alleged Bribery Scheme had Wife Using Alternate ‘007’ Phone, Involved $35K Diamond Ring: Court Docs; We Now Have More Details on Skeezy Bob Menendez’s Bribery Scheme; Menendez Court Docs: $150,000 Bribe, a Diamond Ring, '007' Cellphone, a COVID-19 Lab

Bob Menendez’s alleged bribery scheme had wife using alternate ‘007’ phone, involved $35K diamond ring: court docs:
US Sen. Bob Menendez’s wife received a diamond engagement ring as part of their alleged bribery scheme, which at times involved her using an alternate phone that the couple referred to as her “007” device, according to new court filings.
The veteran New Jersey Democrat, 70, allegedly had an arrangement with Egyptian American halal purveyor Wael Hana, but it supposedly nearly fell apart when the latter tried to cheat the politician and his wife, Nadine, out of the value of a diamond engagement ring, new court documents filed late Monday revealed.
Menendez allegedly received $150,000 in exchange for intervening in a criminal insurance fraud case, the documents indicated.
Hana — a co-defendant accused of using his company to funnel bribes to the Menendezes — was tasked with using part of the payout to buy Nadine a new Mercedes-Benz convertible and the $35,000 sparkler.
Hana, however, actually bought a $12,000 ring, and wangled a $35,000 receipt by splurging on two watches, a bracelet, and a necklace for himself, prosecutors stated.
“The Hana associate also explained that Menendez knew that Hana shortchanged him with respect to the ring, and that Nadine Menendez … had taken the ring back to the jeweler and learned that it was worth less money,” the document explained.
“Wael … was about to ruin things with Bob. Bob who is starting to listen to us,” a confidential source with ties to Egyptian officials said, according to prosecutors.
The new Mercedes, meanwhile, was intended to replace the car Nadine wrecked when she struck and killed a pedestrian in Bogota in 2018. --->READ MORE HERE
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We Now Have More Details on Skeezy Bob Menendez’s Bribery Scheme:
A new court filing says Senator Bob Menendez tried to blame all those gold bars on someone else—and regularly made calls on a backup “James Bond” phone.
Senator Robert Menendez must be running out of options. In court papers filed late Monday, federal prosecutors alleged that both the New Jersey lawmaker and his wife, Nadine Menendez, told a “false cover story” about the origin of gold bars that prosecutors allege were the result of bribes from foreign agents.
Per Nadine’s alibi to a jeweler, the couple obtained the gold bars from “her deceased mother.” A Menendez staffer reported that the senator himself also tried to claim that “the gold had come from Nadine Menendez’s deceased mother,” according to prosecutors.
Still, that somehow seems unlikely, considering that the gold bars were stamped with the name “Menendez” and since four of the gold bars had matching serial numbers to four gold bars reportedly owned by one of the senator’s alleged bribers, New Jersey real estate tycoon Fred Daibes.
Prosecutors revealed other new details in Menendez’s alleged bribery scheme in their recent court filing as well. Nadine Menendez’s diamond engagement ring was part of a $150,000 bribe. Cash in the couple’s home was found stuffed in boots, jackets, and in bags hanging on clothes hangers. And the New Jersey congressman regularly made phone calls on Nadine’s alternate cell phone, “a phone Menendez and Nadine Menendez referred to as her ‘007’ phone, an apparent reference to the fictional character James Bond,” prosecutors wrote. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++New Menendez court docs: $150,000 bribe, a diamond ring, '007' cellphone, a COVID-19 lab+++++

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