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Biden Sends Officials to Meet with Michigan Muslim, Arab Leaders Amid Falling Support; Stabbed in the Back: Biden Aide Tells Muslims No ‘Confidence’ in Israeli Government; Biden, Democrats Give Israel 45 Days to Submit Human Rights Report

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Biden sends officials to meet with Michigan Muslim, Arab leaders amid falling support:
President Biden has dispatched administration officials to meet with Arab American and Muslim leaders in Michigan on Thursday as discontent within the community over his refusal to call for a cease-fire in the Middle East could derail his reelection campaign.
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed the meetings, saying they’re a “continuation of conversations” the administration has been having with the Arab and Muslim communities.
“We are going to listen to and hear what leaders of that community have to say. We are open to that [and] having a real open and honest dialogue,” she said.
Among those traveling to Michigan include Samantha Power, head of the U.S. Agency for International Development; Jon Finer, deputy national security adviser; and Steven Benjamin, who directs the Office of Public Engagement.
Others expected to attend are Tom Perez, who leads the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, as well as Mazen Basrawi, the White House liaison to American Muslim communities, and aides Jamie Citron and Dan Koh.
Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez and other campaign aides traveled to suburban Detroit last month, but Muslim and Arab American leaders refused to attend a listening session with them.
The order comes as Mr. Biden faces increased pressure, including from fellow Democrats, to take a tougher stance against Israel as civilian casualties mount in the Gaza operation. They say Israel’s military assault on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is disproportionate to Hamas’ terrorist rampage on Oct. 7 and has sparked a massive humanitarian crisis. --->READ MORE HERE
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Stabbed in the Back: Biden Aide tells Muslims No ‘Confidence’ in Israeli Government:
A senior aide to President Joe Biden told Arab- and Muslim-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan, this week that the administration had no “confidence” in Israel’s government to agree to a Palestinian state, and that the U.S. had regrets about the war in Gaza.
Dearborn has been a hotbed radicalism and open support for the Hamas terrorists who launched the war with a brutal attack October 7 that killed roughly 1,200 Israelis. But Arab- and Muslim-American votes are important in the swing state of Michigan.
Therefore the Biden campaign and the Biden administration — blurring the line between partisan politics and foreign policy that it pretends to uphold elsewhere — have tried to appease Arab and Muslim voters in Michigan with increasingly anti-Israel stances.
The New York Times reported Friday that Jon Finer, the Deputy National Security Advisor to President Biden, was sent to meet leaders in Dearborn.
He expressed regrets for “missteps” in the administration’s support for Israel, whose leaders he trashed:
During the meeting on Thursday with Arab American political leaders in Dearborn, Mich., Mr. Finer said, “We are very well aware that we have missteps in the course of responding to this crisis since Oct. 7,” according to a recording of the gathering obtained by The New York Times. A National Security Council official confirmed the recording was authentic.  
Mr. Finer and several other senior Biden administration officials, including Samantha Power, the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, traveled to Dearborn on Thursday for a series of meetings, including the one in which Mr. Finer’s comments were recorded. 
“We will have to do things for Saudi Arabia that will be very unpopular in this country and in our Congress,” Mr. Finer said. “Will Israel be willing to do the hard thing that’s going to be required of them, which is meaningful steps for the Palestinians on the question of two states? I don’t know if the answer to that is yes. I do not have any confidence in this current government of Israel.”
The Biden administration sought to undermine Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the moment he was elected in 2022, largely because of Netanyahu’s steadfast opposition to President Barack Obama and Biden in their efforts to appease Iran --->READ MORE HERE
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