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A Small Arizona Town Prepares to Fight State Over Illegal Immigration: Three Hundred Miles from the U.S. Border, Residents of a Remote Arizona Town were Ready to Take Up Arms Against the Governor’s Actions

A Small Arizona Town Prepares to Fight State Over Illegal Immigration:
Three hundred miles from the U.S. border, residents of a remote Arizona town were ready to take up arms against the governor’s actions.
As a small rural town in Arizona, Springerville has what it needs in terms of material amenities for its residents. There’s a general store, a small regional hospital, a supermarket, retail shops, hotels and restaurants, and parks for recreational vehicles during the tourist season.
The town’s closest neighbor is Eagar (population 4,800). The nearest city is Show Low (population 11,732), about 50 miles southwest across vast golden hills and open range.
“The one thing I pride myself on with this little community is we band together,” Springerville’s Mayor Shelly Reidhead told The Epoch Times. “We love each other, and we take care of each other.
“I hope that holds when it hits the fan.”
Although Springerville sits 300 miles from the U.S.–Mexico border, the illegal immigration crisis almost landed on its doorstep last year.
This year, Ms. Reidhead fears another showdown with her state officials if the border crisis grows much worse.
“I’ve been dreading 2024 because I know what we’re in for [with the presidential election]. It’s not going to be a pretty year.”
In May 2023, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs and her staff pushed the idea of busing illegal aliens to Springerville and housing them in the 189,000-square-foot dome stadium, the Round Valley Ensphere.
Allan Stein/The Epoch Times
When residents found out, they were furious and prepared to take action.
Some wanted to block the buses carrying the illegal immigrants at the town line with chain barriers—and come armed if necessary, according to residents who didn’t want their names used.
It was a tense situation, they said. Fortunately, the confrontation never came about after the town told the governor’s office to get lost.
The stadium looks like a giant flying saucer landed in the middle of horse and cattle country. It’s a massive wooden-dome stadium that can seat 5,500 spectators in bleachers away from the elements.
Due to its sheer size, the futuristic-looking enclosure has multiple uses. Years ago, it provided temporary shelter for displaced wildfire victims.
The Arizona governor eyed it up to temporarily place illegal immigrants.
But, the town moved against it.
On July 19, 2023, Springerville’s town council passed a binding resolution, signed by the mayor, that said “no” to the town footing the bill for immigrants—illegal or legal. --->LOTS MORE HERE
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